The complete list of items!


Thank you im trying to get a chest full of every item in the game and i wanted to sort them out


That’s neat. What items are you missing? :slight_smile:


Including all that useless stuff like flint, and dirt, ETC. ???


Indeed really helpful. Thanks alot!


XD dirt is useful in my world, I’m trying to delete all oceans and fill them with DIRT!!


Cool thx!


Just stumbled across this, though it’s really old and I dont wanna gravedig, still want to thank you for making this list. :smiley:


yes including those
im not going to use them, im collecting them




This may be old, but I’m new to forums and had a suggestion, how about adding the achievements, I know they aren’t world items but it’d be nice if you added them!


No reason to worry. I’ll be updating it with every update that comes.

Here’s a list of achievements.


Oh Ik there is a list, probably many, it was just a suggestion!


Updated to version 1.5.


in the level three furnace it says to get a gold ingot you need a golden chest…


That’s one of the ways to get a gold ingot in 1.5. Check your furnace.


Wow, this thread has been on for so long and it will keep expanding and expanding…


Wow good job!o:


Some things you might want to add is portal and trade portal under “other” as they both can be naturally found. TPs near cave trolls and portals when a world is started. Unless you are strictly only listing each item once.

Also, I was unable to find Golden chests in the list. You may want to add those, unless I simply did not find them and they actually are there.


Gold chest is under other, below the skirt. That is a mighty wall of text it does it get lost lol


Updated to include the new version 1.6 items.