The Crown of Artemis


Hello! I am finally done my exams and BACK to playing Blockheads!!

Today, I have something truly incredible to share with you. And I’m honored to be the one to do it.

Dancer95 has been working on this project for nearly a month. She planned, designed, and perfected it – all on her own and completely from scratch.

The resulting masterpiece is the Crown of Artemis.

This enormous palace takes a classic, tried-and-true approach to design and reminds us of what makes it so great.

It spans an entire station length and is made up of over one hundred individual rooms.

Its pearly white hue and glowing indigo accents give it a peaceful, angelic look.

The perfect fusion of sapphire and diamond illumination emanates from its walls.

Diamond-studded depictions of a crescent moon are hung proudly throughout.

The Crown of Artemis is a must-see. You can find it on Atmos, in the newly opened Legacy Sphere. Its address is M18-G01.

Again, it’s an honor for me to be able to share this work with you, and I am so grateful to Dancer for giving our world such a timeless, iconic landmark.

Can’t wait to start playing with you guys again!!

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Wow i wish can can build that good! I love this :smiley:


This is a fantastic build!
I would like to say it’s a really detailed, exquisite build made from Dancer.
It’s so good! :slight_smile:


Once again, Atmos makes my little castle feel like trash.

Come to atmos kids, where you can try as hard as you want, but you’ll always be outbuilt


I hope the builds on Atmos can help u get even better Frater! :grinning:




This is simply… wow!
Just, wow! :star_struck:


That is truly beautiful. :slight_smile:


WOW! I love this soo much! That is truly amazing! Must have taken ages! This is one of my favorite builds of all time :star_struck:




That’s amazing!!! I have no words to explain it correctly…just wow, mindblown :smiley:

What do you mean!?!


This is phenomenal! That attention to detail is out of this world!

How much would it be to rent a room, I wonder…


Spectacular! Dancer never disappoints :slight_smile:


24 likes. This is too impressive, milla should have this on the FB page!


I don’t like because I hate blue


2 more likes in 10 minutes. @milla, think this is worthy of being put on the FB page? :slight_smile:


That is truly magnificent… How do people have the dedication for stuff like this?? I never finish my builds that are enormous like that…


A truly exceptional build. Built by an exceptional builder! This is awesome. It looks like she started building this since the very day Atmos was launched.


Incredible! Wow. This truly blew my mind! :open_mouth: :boom:


Here is a picture of it when it was under construction