The Crown of Artemis


Nice! :slight_smile:


Phenomenal Dancer!! It reminds me of another player’s bullilding style. :thinking: Hmmm. If you’re not the same, then even better - because having more players with this kind of talent is fantastic for us all. I can’t wait for my 'lil BH to come visit it! Thanks for such a great gift for our eyes.


You’re so sweet, thanks JuJu! I’ve always been Dancer95 from day 1 :slight_smile: now I’m curious who it reminds you of, I might know them xD but yes I agree that it’s fantastic to have so many talented players, especially on a wonderful server such as MFS’s.


Hi mama food supply can i build in ur server


Sure, come join us there!


This… Blows my mind… I will definitely be checking this out when I have time. See y’all there! :slight_smile:

Edit: This build is based off of Artemis, right? Just a suggestion, but I think you should add some wildlife on the sides of the build, since Artemis is originally known for the Goddess of the Hunt.

Double edit: Thanks for taking consideration!