The Deep End - New Server opening [White List Only]

Hi all,

I’m starting a new server and I’m looking for a select group of people to join!

I am thinking I will allow 10 people for now, maybe more later (or when people stop playing).

If you are interested, let me know here or PM me.

Kind regards!


Server will run for at least 1 year… :slight_smile:

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Apply NOW! :slight_smile:

I wanna join

What is your ingame username?

Hey intel, can I get on the list?

i would love to join
my user name is KILLERJAW

Can i join?

Hoping you used your ingame names for this forum…



Intelex can i join my name is 18seifer

Minecraft Cat wants to join.

For now, all places have been taken…

I know u killer jaw ps can I join I’m PINEAPPLE
When there’s room

Could I join? I’ll PM you my username so no one steals it.

Good server, but it seems like no one is ever on :confused:

True, that is why I will open registrations for another 8 ppl!

Earlier request will be ignored, if you are still interested, reply again or sent PM!

I am interested in giving this server a shot. My IGN is identical to my username. :slight_smile:

Added on list!

Thank you, Intelex.

Can I join? My nickname is YTRobuxy