The Downfall of the Blockheads

Title says it all. I felt like this might have been an existing topic so I searched it up but it didn’t exist. I am not quite sure what the downfall of this game exactly was. One part I believe is the TC to cash server credit change. Also this game does not seem very appealing to new players. I showed this game to one of my friends way back and he got bored as soon as he saw the 20 second timer to make a workbench or whatnot. Like I get this game can be boring when you first load into a world, but isn’t every game like that?! Idk this game requires patience. What do you guys believe was the downfall of the blockheads.

The Blockheads has been declared dead or dying by random players, constantly, going at least as far back as 2014. One of these days, one of you will be correct.


I would assume that this was due to just an overall lack of revenue honestly. Same reason it was removed from the Google Play store.

The TC duping made it so that anyone could run a world for free if they asked enough people.

Given the fast paced, instant gratification type world we live in today, most aren’t willing to wait through the long wait periods on crafting/smelting.

I will say, there is still a hand full of servers out there that get up to 8-10 people in them here and there, but yes, overall, the game has lost popularity, and most of the active players are made up of older players who hop in from time to time between breaks.

The plus - lots of familiar faces :slight_smile:

All we can do is stay close, and stay connected.


One could argue that it’s in a coma. :man_shrugging:

The game was removed from the Google Play Store because it was very broken and didn’t comply with Google’s updated guidelines. :frowning:

At least we still have the APK file for the game:

Sadly enough, they still can. :frowning:

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I use to play this game years ago and got quite addicted to it. But I think the game was better when people had to pay literal money for a server and you had to get the ID to join a server through the blockheads website. Once it changed I stopped playing it really, I have started going on single player recently though. But servers are to dead to actually get any entertainment out of them.

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it was going to die eventually, like humans no game is immortal, no matter how much they claim they are

Minecraft been going for over a decade now

yep, also similar to humans, some games live longer than others, blockheads wasn’t as ‘healthy’ so to speak as minecraft, that’s why it died sooner

love comparing games to people it’s fun

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Yea same. Blockheads is the more realistic Minecraft to me

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doom 1 still going

Minecraft had a much larger impact. :man_shrugging:

Just out of curiosity, what makes it more realistic in your eyes? I’ve never been able to see them both in a realistic way. :thinking:

Yeah, because it’s a cultural icon and doesn’t inherently rely on any servers.

Unless you’re willing to boot up a very old operating system, most people are not going out of their way to play the first edition of such an old video game nowadays.

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doom 1 on browser here

It’s just more realistic. The crafting, with the power and the refinery- just it has more realistic crafting with more variety. Realistic armor too. Real ores

I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s realistic, nor do I think there are many people going through that “browser” method to play that game nowadays.