The Dropbear researching blockhead


I thought of learning how dropbears cope with the environment so I made my BH grab a camera and a full set of carbon fibre armour and research in harsh environments , along the way my BH adopted the way of the dropbear and has took unique photographs , unimaginable for the rest of the BH world …

Most dropbears loathe the water and love the ice , so my researcher wanted to experience how he would feel if he was encased in ice… It was a sensational experience , which very few aspiring Bh researchers of Dropbears have ever Done ,…
He speculates that Blockheads might be Related to Dropbears , and the Dropbears are really a primitive type of Blockhead , Unable to produce tools and are color blind , reacting to the smell of The blockheads and attack them on instinct , The dropbears sense of smell is associated with its sight as well , explaining why dropbears don’t attack in Bright lights…

My researcher decided to escape the icy prison he made himself and got out safely… Dropbears must be an ancient type of Blockhead , unable to destroy or build , Trapped in icy prisons for the last few thousand years , during the last ice age… This explains why dropbears like the ice… Dropbears escaped when the water melted and hated the water ever since , climbing pine trees , which were abundant in the ice age … This attachment to pine trees Is due to the The raised sea levels after the ice age…

My researcher has tried the most amazing ability of the dropbear , dropping them selves at will… He escaped , with his life , nearly killing himself , … This ability combined with powerful jaws , and quick speed makes it the most sneakiest , fastest and most efficient predator which has ever lived in the blockhead world , having maimed many unsuspecting victims , who tell the encounter to young blockheads

It isn’t always implied that dropbears actually have emotions like blockheads , but they do… Nothing is known about their offspring , but adults seem to care for their offspring as my researcher was mistaken for their young, he escaped unscathed … This implies they are protective of their young… It is believed that their young is carried inside a pouch in the dropbears belly , which explains why a Blockhead always get more then one leather when they are killed… Detailed antanomy of dropbears has never been carried out , as dropbears meat dissolve to nothing when it dies or is killed , making it impossible to learn its antamony or even its DNA…

I hope you all were intrigued , when you read the data and hypnothesis , My researcher has made and found…

( will be updated from time to time )


I think you meant hypothesis, not hypnosis :slight_smile:


This is very interesting. :smiley: I wonder what will be next in your hypothesis!


Here’s something intriguing as well , the menacing stare of a dropbear…

This is a unique ability among dropbears and is only within their kind , their eyes will glow when agitated , not when during the night as previously believed … It’s eyes do not give any hint of emotion although it has emotions like blockheads … This photograph was taken using a camera , with precision… My researcher accidentally set his sights upon this Dropbear in the day , he hopes that it survives till the night falls , but helping it is too much of a risk and he was too far away to help, many oceans away…
This photograph , also shows the canines prod out of its mouth… Since dropbears have never been observed actually eating meat , he believes it may be only drinking biological fluids of its prey ( blood and other stuff ) , which means the legend of the Dracula .maybe actually based on a descriptive attack by a dropbear … Even the names sound similar , so it is a clue of the identity of our " Dracula " …
The stare and the tooth are related in a odd way , he believes that the stare momentarily panics a blockhead… In this situation, the dropbear draws blood of its counterpart using its teeth , the blockhead and drinks it. This is the case in all reported cases… Heavily injured individual blockheads are very likely to be killed by them…
The dropbear has never attacked a blockhead on a tree if it was not touched or annoyed previously , which means dropbears assume all creatures in a tree as its own kind , which is interesting…


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A little know fact that seems to fit in with your research is the documented case of an orphan blockhead, adopted by Dropbears. Ever since the age of two, this blockhead girl has been photographed living among them and being cared for as one of their own. No harm has come to her, but two of the photographers have mysteriously disappeared.


I have , when I originally uploaded the picture , it malufunctioned later and I uploaded it again , it should work now.

This is interesting , how do the dropbears help the blockhead girl or why have they ignored such a young blockhead for so long … This may a crucial evidence of dropbears been related to the blockheads as shown in your photograph.
( he just realized there was a light there , which may explain this phenomenon, as dropbears sense of direction may be distorted in the light , which exlplains why they
Stay in trees as not to lose their sense of direction , this ability is also with blockheads but it lasts for longer than a dropbear , this explains why we have a map in our blockhead brains… )


A further worthy test, though not without risk to the subjects, would be to observe the manner in which dropbears originally arrive upon their trees, by placing blocks above the appropriate branches.


How did you find such a crucial bit of evidence maybe you were the little girl that was raised by dropbears, which explains that WFS world that shows you have a connection to the land in you genes.

To prove my point, I think you should go up into a pine tree and see if you start to mutate.


There were blocks above all the trees, since this is occurring in a marble stronghold which the Dropbears asked the girl to build for them. Two or three Dropbears spawned above the blocks and ran around seeking an entrance, but all the others spawned naturally on the trunks of the trees.

The Dropbears realized that the young blockhead could not survive very well without light, so they agreed among themselves to try to adjust to the light. As you can see, their day time vision has much improved with repeated practise.

Some people might regard the young blockhead as their slave, since she prunes the forest for them, keeping the trees healthy and strong. She also plants new trees, and even constructed the marble stronghold where they reside in security.

But neither the girl nor the Dropbears view it that way. They are like a family, who help each other. The girl receives companionship, instruction on how to survive in the cyber universe, food, and any necessary clothing. As you can see, it’s quite warm inside their stronghold so she doesn’t need much of the latter.

The bears come pouring down from whatever tree she is currently pruning for them, but although they are slightly agitated by this (which you can tell by noticing the red eyes) they don’t attack her as they would other blockheads who chop down their trees. They know she is helping them. :smiley:

Oh, no, all has been discovered! Please don’t tell anyone, the poor little blockhead would like to preserver her anonymity.


This baby dropbear is too frightened to come back up his tree back to his mother. He was mauled by the Blockheads’ spears and swords and injured by their bows. (I don’t have gold/poison yet.)


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