The dying blockheads :(

Is it possible there will ever be a new update? Now that android users can no longer download the game, and there have been no new updates, the game is quite honestly dead. I think The Blockheads is a really cool game, that more people should be able to experience, but there needs to be updates and bug fixes, it could be big again, but seems like this won’t happen. Any word on the future of this game?


The APK file itself is still being hosted on Noodlecake Studio’s website:

The developer has long since moved on.

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Seems very unlikely. In a win the lottery kind of scenario, it’s possible. But don’t bet on it



I love that this forums is still active with people who used to play, and even if most old servers are forgotten there’s new people here.

I’m sorry but there is no chance of this game being updated and I’m pretty sure the developers moved onto a new PC game, if that’s still happening. My information might be wrong so you could do some research on that if you’re interested in their games.

It was a fun time but everything comes to an end, unfortunately. :frowning:

I’d say the main reason the game started dying was after the servers changed from tc to real money. To the developers it was probably a good idea to keep servers up and keep some money as everyone, including myself, will admit they used tc glitches to stock server credit.
After that got changed everything kind of died and servers where people didn’t have much money to spare or lived with parents who didn’t let them lost their servers and communities.
It’s all kind of a sad truth and if things stayed as tc they would’ve lost money with keeping up servers and eventually closed them.
It’s a win-win situation for the game but it doesn’t help people who couldn’t buy credit.
It was still some great memories. :slight_smile: