The end is near for Adobe Flash!

Adobe Flash will be a distant memory after December 31, 2020.


While I agree Flash needs to go away, I do hope that all the great flash content from the past 20 years gets converted before all support gets dropped.

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Oh yeah, don’t worry about that.

For those curious about the history of Adobe Flash, watch this video.

Thankfully enough, a large amount of Adobe Flash content is being preserved.
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Only 35 more minutes! :frowning:

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Adobe Flash is officially dead. Rest in peace!

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I feel bad for Adobe flash, I know it wasn’t actually alive, but I remember when I was in elementary school we used different things and the Adobe flash thing that asked you to use it popped up, then it was always annoying but now I’ll kinda miss it :cry:

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honestly i’m surprised blockheads didn’t die first, sure the age difference is high, rather a bit less than 25 years compared to blockheads’ almost 8 years, but still, adobe has been around for three times longer it’s interesting the game is at this point and hasn’t completely died

a peaceful send off would be nice for blockheads, not where it rises from its coffin and looks like a monstrosity (should dave ever actually sell it, though that probably won’t happen)

Adobe really wants people to uninstall Flash.

Why they do this :sob:

The real Adobe Flash was the friends we made along the way (Recycled joke)

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Adobe Flash is our memory, we will never forget this legendary

technically it isn’t all the way dead until you can no longer access it, but if you’re smart you should uninstall it, ‘unsupported’ entirely is also ‘unsupported if something happens’

I stopped using it more than 20 years ago. We worked out pretty soon after it was released that it was not terribly secure, and at that time lots of people were still on dial-up still, so it was a drag. I never went back.

well you must’ve barely used it then, because it came out in ‘96, so you probably used it before the start of the new millennium

i understand though, it was never reliable but it had its moments, but now nobody that stopped using it then will use it now, once the support plug is pulled you’re draining any hope of having proper usage, it’s not very different than just pulling the plug entirely

Adobe Flash is truly dead now.

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