The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Episode 3 out September 1, 2018)


I’m sure milla trusts you. Idk but it won’t hurt to ask


the other day you said I am not allowed to join because I am friends with h4ck3r


I don’t see why @TheFoil would be friends with @H4CK3R. TheFoil is such a funny and nice guy.


if you’re friends with a hacker then they will less likely destroy your server


I’m friends with lots of (fake) hackers. Probably the same as the foils friend. But I don’t greif or break buildings or any of that


Fake hackers as in script kiddies?


I play on servers with hackers. I try to make acquaintance with them
If one of these people did something bad (they wouldn’t) on servers, I would get in trouble.
Depending on what they did, I could get blocked away from some servers

That’s just the risk you take when you hang out with hackers. I’m fine with it though, because I make good choices with this


Most the people who claim to be hackers use something called flex III. But that is just one of the many hacking apps out there. That’s why I call them fake. They just use programs that do it for them


Script kiddies :-1:. Most people are like that, and it’s okay, until they abuse it.

A few actual hackers lurk around a server I used to be active on, and wow they’re scary. I don’t try to ever attract them to me, because what they could do to me or people I know is bad :worried:


Yeah. I would like to be a white hat hacker when I get older but honestly I don’t know barely anything about that stuff. I’ve taught myself the basics of html thanks to this game. And I’m working on a website rn that is just trivia but I plan to add to it. But that’s a far cry from being a white hat hacker (one who is hired by company’s to test the weakness of their company and stuff)


By the other day do you mean three months ago? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Okay, I remember now. I’ll PM you tomorrow. Right now I need to eat my dinner!


You should put a headphone warning on that.


What about Episode 2?


episode 2 is reserved for sunny person. once I finish episode 1 I will talk to sunnypearson


Okay then.


I pm’d you on an old pm for eternal memories.


Any server is ok?


Did anyone notice the @TheFoil user card? :wink:


A 5 minute episode takes about a month to film, and since that every server will be featured in Episode 3 coming (May 3 2018) instead of each having an episode. Episode 1 is almost finished and it is high quality and epic. Prepare your popcorn. :wink:


Do you mean 2018?