The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Episode 3 out September 1, 2018)


Didn’t you hear, it’s 2017 and next year is 2017.2. cough cough 2018


Hello everyone! Just letting you know, Episode 1 is out now! :smiley: for more information, read the topic above or set this topic to “watching” so you can watch every episode and trailer the moment they come out.


Feel free to vote, I will make sure to not invite you if you don’t want

  • I’m excited for episode 2!
  • I don’t want to watch episode 2.
  • I hate this

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I love it. :slight_smile:

Well done.


LOVE IT :star_struck:
cant wait for ep 2!


If you say you’ve seen something better,

You’re lying to yourself

This is amazing :joy:


Oh my god what did I just watch :joy: all I know is I couldn’t stop laughing



Great job Foil! I love the environments you created along with the special effects and story.


This deserves a Blockheads Oscar.


With all the great YouTubers here, a Blockheads Oscar might not be a bad idea! :laughing:


A new golden streak category!


Great idea!

When is Episode 2 coming out?


(Me watching the video)
:sleeping: :zzz:
The end of the blockheads, episode 1
The world was…
Foil Foil the world is about to end
We need to take shelter!
Foil walking :cloud_with_lightning: :cloud_with_lightning:
Someone hits Foil. “Ouch I am a friend!”
The End
:persevere: :rage:

I can’t wait for Episode 2!!!


That is some great editing skills. I love your work


Very creative storytelling. Who knew Siri could act? She/he is a little robotic in line delivery but that makes it funny!



Austrailian accent

Around 28 January


Can’t wait for the next episode! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am going to take my reserved place for eternal memories. but for some reason I can’t pm you @TheFoil.

do you have me muted?

unless its me. id like to pm you the link privately.


Let me know when you change your mind


“my friend has died. I must go home.”
:joy: :joy: :joy:
The voice acting is just gold. And so is the editing! Can’t wait for Ep. 2!!