The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Episode 3 out September 1, 2018)


I laughed you have to have a sense of humor.


That’s great! The sound mix needs to be evened out a bit, as it goes from ear-splitting to quite muted from one moment to the next, but well done! :+1:


What app do you use for editing??


a lot of different apps. because I have not a lot of money so I can’t afford the high quality editing apps. go on the appstore and search “video editor” and download them all. delete the ones that are too similar or bad. keep the ones that are perfect for you. :wink:


i can’t edit like you so i am not going to download just asking :smiley:


thats so good! :slight_smile:


Lol. Everyone here share the end of the blockheads episode 1 on every social media and show it to all your friends. I think we can make @thefoil popular :sunglasses::joy:


probably not blockheads is not a famous game so I can’t be popular from that :man_shrugging:


Blockheads is definitely famous, but not to the level of Roblox, Terraria, or Minecraft.


You could get levelator.


There are over 4000 reviews on the App Store :hugs:


Pretty sure he was already popular from day 1. Posting crazy threads that would catch everyone’s attention and would end up getting locked.


You mean funny threads


Maybe infamous if they got locked, but infamous is a pretty strong negative world. I don’t know what to call TheFoil other than TheFoil.


What I mean is outside the forums


Some were inappropriate.


If they were innapropriate, wouldn’t that make him the opposite of popular?



When is episode 2 going to come out?


The inappropriate posts got people’s attention.

Back on topic!