The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Episode 3 out September 1, 2018)


@TheFoil how did you make the blockheads recordings?!?


iOS devices have the capability to record their screens in iOS 11 via the control center.


Breaking news everyone. I accidentally dropped my device from 5 floors on the stairs and it might’ve landed on a pile of yogurt. It might take months to fix. So episode 2 will be delayed and I might not be playing Minecraft or blockheads for a while :eek:


Unique way to break your phone :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I don’t know if foil should use my server to film episode three.


Hot tip: Do not let other people use your forums account. I have deleted all the discussion around TheFoil’s circumvention of his ban, which is about to get much longer.


I can help add credit!


Sorry everyone for the useless noncense this thread cause. Episode 2 will be out someday in april. I am very bad at realease dates and i will try my best to focus on this project :slight_smile:




Foil! :lol:


Welcome back, it got dull at times without you. Excited for new episodes


i hope you can accept my decision foil. i have dropped out of the series while you we’re gone. but just remember to stay positive :grinning:


Don’t worry you’re not the only one


maybe you should split some servers in a few chapters. but also ask if anyone would like to be in it.

maybe 3 servers for chapter 2 and 4. just asking :slight_smile:


I could help with acting!


Single player




Is it still the end of blockheads anymore? Server credit costs real money and TC safes were fixed soo…


It is still the end of blockheads in his vidoes…



Almost done. I have exams and stuff that are slowing it down dramatically. :stuck_out_tongue: