The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Project put on hold)


Episode 1 Trailer

Episode 2 Trailer

Episode 1: The Corruption Is Real!

Episode 1 Summary

Napoleon visits TheFoil for dinner, they’re eating Fish and Dodo stew. TheFoil goes mining and Dave spreads an emergency alarm on every television. “BLOCKHEADS IS DYING DUE TO MAJOR FREE TC HACKING. GET TO SHELTER NOW!” Napoleon goes to warn TheFoil. Napoleon gets hit by a train and the world ends. Napoleon dies? TheFoil finishes his mining shift to find out that the world has ended whilst he was mining. Then TheFoil Finds Ava.

Episode 2: The Great Escape.

Episode 2 Summary:

TheFoil & Ava are on their way to another seer. But the 1.7 update has arrived, and the police are chasing them and running after them as they are illegal Free TC hackers. TheFoil dies. How will they escape?

Episode log:
Episode 1 (The Corruption is Real): :cake:
Episode 2 (The Great Escape): :cake:
Episode 3 (Double Trouble): :film_projector:
Episode 4 (Dave The Evil): :lock:
Episode 5 (The End): :lock:

**Episode 3 server list

  • This is amazing
  • Nice :+1:
  • Meh…
  • I’ve seen better
  • I don’t like this…

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(2.0) Basileus: The rise of an Empire (See new thread)



Reminds me of Tempus Crystallo.


What… Did… I… Just… Watch. it was funny


Nice. When do you want me to join


And the award for Best Film goes to… Moonlight-
No wait! It goes to La La Land!
NO WAIT! IT GOES TO The End of Blockheads!!!


I’d like if my server was featured but it is not public yet


I watched it at 1% volume and could still hear it… ._.


The admins and the tc dupers are causing the natural enjoyment of the game to be disrupted.


is anyone interested on having their server featured?

@MFS can I use atmos? is that ok?


Alright :slight_smile: PM me and I can whitelist you


I wonder why atmos is whitelisted…?


It was whitelisted for renovation until 1.7


@thefoil Can you do my server? Majicland


Rip Blockheads 2013-2017…

Oh wait…



sorry ninja episode 6 will be cancelled because the server is out of credit!


I will not demolish anything in your serever. I will re-build it in my single player world and demolish it. I would never do such thing.


@thefoil that server is abandoned, it is replaced with a mac server, click the link on the majicland post


oh. Ok then :slight_smile: