The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Project put on hold)


Script kiddies :-1:. Most people are like that, and it’s okay, until they abuse it.

A few actual hackers lurk around a server I used to be active on, and wow they’re scary. I don’t try to ever attract them to me, because what they could do to me or people I know is bad :worried:


Yeah. I would like to be a white hat hacker when I get older but honestly I don’t know barely anything about that stuff. I’ve taught myself the basics of html thanks to this game. And I’m working on a website rn that is just trivia but I plan to add to it. But that’s a far cry from being a white hat hacker (one who is hired by company’s to test the weakness of their company and stuff)


By the other day do you mean three months ago? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Okay, I remember now. I’ll PM you tomorrow. Right now I need to eat my dinner!


What about Episode 2?


episode 2 is reserved for sunny person. once I finish episode 1 I will talk to sunnypearson


Okay then.


Any server is ok?


Did anyone notice the @TheFoil user card? :wink:


A 5 minute episode takes about a month to film, and since that every server will be featured in Episode 3 coming (May 3 2018) instead of each having an episode. Episode 1 is almost finished and it is high quality and epic. Prepare your popcorn. :wink:


Do you mean 2018?


Hello everyone! Just letting you know, Episode 1 is out now! :smiley: for more information, read the topic above or set this topic to “watching” so you can watch every episode and trailer the moment they come out.


Feel free to vote, I will make sure to not invite you if you don’t want

  • I’m excited for episode 2!
  • I don’t want to watch episode 2.
  • I hate this

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I love it. :slight_smile:

Well done.


LOVE IT :star_struck:
cant wait for ep 2!


If you say you’ve seen something better,

You’re lying to yourself

This is amazing :joy:


Oh my god what did I just watch :joy: all I know is I couldn’t stop laughing



Great job Foil! I love the environments you created along with the special effects and story.


This deserves a Blockheads Oscar.


With all the great YouTubers here, a Blockheads Oscar might not be a bad idea! :laughing:


A new golden streak category!


Great idea!

When is Episode 2 coming out?