The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Project put on hold)


Maybe infamous if they got locked, but infamous is a pretty strong negative world. I don’t know what to call TheFoil other than TheFoil.


What I mean is outside the forums


Some were inappropriate.


If they were innapropriate, wouldn’t that make him the opposite of popular?



When is episode 2 going to come out?


The inappropriate posts got people’s attention.

Back on topic!


@TheFoil how did you make the blockheads recordings?!?


iOS devices have the capability to record their screens in iOS 11 via the control center.


Breaking news everyone. I accidentally dropped my device from 5 floors on the stairs and it might’ve landed on a pile of yogurt. It might take months to fix. So episode 2 will be delayed and I might not be playing Minecraft or blockheads for a while :eek:


Unique way to break your phone :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hot tip: Do not let other people use your forums account. I have deleted all the discussion around TheFoil’s circumvention of his ban, which is about to get much longer.


I can help add credit!


Sorry everyone for the useless noncense this thread cause. Episode 2 will be out someday in april. I am very bad at realease dates and i will try my best to focus on this project :slight_smile:




Foil! :lol:


Welcome back, it got dull at times without you. Excited for new episodes


Don’t worry you’re not the only one


I could help with acting!


Single player