The End Of Blockheads series official thread (Project put on hold)




Is it still the end of blockheads anymore? Server credit costs real money and TC safes were fixed soo…


It is still the end of blockheads in his vidoes…



Almost done. I have exams and stuff that are slowing it down dramatically. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel this is like when people wait for the next season of Star Trek Discovery. :joy: (Netflix doesn’t have Star Trek Doscovery :frowning: )


Just saw this movie… it was…


How did you get the spaceship to go up? Stop motion? That must have taken a really long time. I love the backgrounds and the fire and the PPAP.

This was so cheesy and funny and awesome…



what app did you use for on-screen record?


Finally after 6 months! :smiley:

Feel free to vote, I will make sure to not invite you if you don’t want.

  • I’m excited for Episode 3!
  • Please do not invite me.

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Sorry, this took so long. There was a lot of technical difficulties and I accidentally deleted everything so I had to start from scratch a few times. Sorry, this one is a little bit short, I promise episode 3 will be much longer and it will be very epic. This episode was just a backstory. The third episode won’t take that long.



When will Episode 3 be out?


“1.7 hours later”


I like how it says 1.7 hours later. :laughing: There’s only 60 minutes in an hour not 70.


1.7 hours = 102 minutes


The whole time I was watching it I was saying
“Dun Dun dundundun dun dun dundundun dun dunDUN DUN DUN” or something like that. The beginning music “DUN DUN DUNNNNN”


Looking for a fifth server to use as an action scene. Please tell me your best recomendations.


  • The servers in this list will be replicated in a single player world and used as action scenes. The reason for this is that it could have tampered with during the film.


  • Permission from the owner


I don’t think you would want me to destroy one of the good looking builds. Don’t worry about copyright. I will only replicate a small chunk of it. :slight_smile:


You can use Giants by Brother Rabbit if you want. :slight_smile:


6 more days!


I see it has been a day past and it hasn’t come out yet :confused:




Sorry I have exams