The End Of Blockheads series

Okay episode 2 is cancelled. if you change your mind episode 2 is reserved for you

How do you guys like the new movie poaster i made in Photoshop?

Try to find the cave troll

  • I’m so excited to watch the movie!
  • I would like to watch the movie
  • A movie is too much make it a series.
  • I don’t want to watch the movie.
  • I would never waste my time watching this.

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Yes. I took permossion to take and use these photos.
Dan: Built the giant satan
TheFoil: Built Survival pixfoil’s spawn and TheFoilHQ
The Juicey Ace: Built South America
SunnyPerson: Built the small hotel
Mama Food supply: Atmos illuminati triangle logo


What is this? I really want to know TheFoil is beyond the 2d grid. He is playing in 3d blockheads and underneath the blockheads world there is just a huge infinite ocean (This has nothing to do with the movie). The random white dots underground is supposed to be ores. The Huge satan in the left side is built by dan. The building thing with my face on it is Potatotrashnoob studios or TheFoilHQ that place is where all the episodes are filmed. And where all my blockheads live. Up on the mountains the space ship looking thing is the spawn of Survival pixfoil. The blurry thing un the hill is supposed to be Sunnyperson’s hotel but since he didn’t give me money I could not afford a camera to take a better picture. In the night area there is a giant.. i mean very tiny South America built by the Juicey Ace. There is alot of time crystals in the water (Because in the movie TheFoil does free tc [NOT THE REAL THEFOIL 😳] There is free tc in the water because thefoil threw them because they were too heavy and making him sink) the sinking space ship is The join random world space ship. The atmos logo meaning that the next server thefoil will join is atmos. And there is a hidden cave troll in the picture ;)

Found it!

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A sneak peak :wink:


To see Trailer 2.

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Eternal memories should be used for Episode 3. That would be good.

I’d also suggest using Land Of Building - The server for everyone for Episode 10.

Yes, I would like my server, Land Of Building, to participate in this.

Thanks for recommending my server @WumboJumbo!

How can I join talks servers?

ou might ask milla if u can use pixamilla as long as you don’t break stuff. Also u can use one of my servers:herobrines world (I can change the name to whatever if you want a different name that goes with the story). Pm me if you want to look at it and I’ll send you the link when I come on. Also I have another world that I have I think would be cool to use

(Sorry bout the double post)

No problem!

I can’t use pixmilla because I am banned there

UUUMMMMMM! What did you do to earn that?


I’m sure milla trusts you. Idk but it won’t hurt to ask

the other day you said I am not allowed to join because I am friends with h4ck3r

I don’t see why @TheFoil would be friends with @H4CK3R. TheFoil is such a funny and nice guy.

if you’re friends with a hacker then they will less likely destroy your server

I’m friends with lots of (fake) hackers. Probably the same as the foils friend. But I don’t greif or break buildings or any of that

Fake hackers as in script kiddies?

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I play on servers with hackers. I try to make acquaintance with them
If one of these people did something bad (they wouldn’t) on servers, I would get in trouble.
Depending on what they did, I could get blocked away from some servers

That’s just the risk you take when you hang out with hackers. I’m fine with it though, because I make good choices with this

Most the people who claim to be hackers use something called flex III. But that is just one of the many hacking apps out there. That’s why I call them fake. They just use programs that do it for them