The end

The blockheads appears to have been removed from the Google play store. Ever since the 1.7 update the game hadn’t even been enjoyable. The servers have died, the crafting times have been almost doubled to encourage you to spend money on time crystals and nothing new is being added. Now that you can’t even download the game, it seems the developers have given up. Rest in peace Blockheads

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Yes, but you can just install the APK version.


As long as I can play this fabulous game, blockheads is not dead to me.


It’s really gone back to being an Apple-only game.


When you really name it the end, that’s kinda freaky

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The Blockheads, in my opinion, is a hidden masterpiece in the realm of sandbox games. I love that game, and its bittersweet, gradual death does sadden me. I nevertheless will not forget the great memories that I have made because of the game.

You must also not forget the community that this game has had throughout the years. There are geniuses out there that have expanded the functionalities of the game and have proven that nothing is impossible with hard work and brilliance. These people are impossible to replace.

This game has inspired many (more than just in the context of gaming), and will continue to do so because its legacy will live on in the form of YouTube videos, perhaps the game itself, and we the people that promote this game with our notions and experiences.

But like Joe said, it’s not over yet!


The end? Again? Honestly, I wish I had a dollar for every ‘this is the end of The Blockheads’ thread I’ve read.

But there is still some life left. I’ve not yet heard Milla say that they’re starting to delete old, archived servers. When that happens, I will assume that the cloud is starting to lose revenue. But even if/when the cloud gets shut down, there will always be Mac servers, and people like Wingysam to host them.

We’ve a ways to go yet.



Blockheads may not be as popular as it once was but i can say for sure lots of people still play :smiley:


I presume that’ll be the case until the app is taken off of the App Store. None of us can really be sure when the game will truly “die” or whatever, but we should really just wait and see what happens before saying anything.

I think they were making the comparing the size of the playerbase from many years ago to the size of the playerbase as it stands right now. Unsurprisingly, the number of players has slowly dwindled over time, but that doesn’t mean that the game is completely abandoned as some people are seemingly suggesting. Again, we will have to wait and see what happens before making any assumptions.

amount of players is starting to stabilize. heck imma even say it increased a lil, the server i play on is booming lately


How can you be so sure? One single server doesn’t represent the entire game.

its better to look at the amount of players in the “coming back and farewell thread” to determine an answer

That one topic also certainly doesn’t represent the entire game.

maybe ask what that thread is for

The word I would choose is “steady”.


I love how there are two types of people that want to preserve this game.

those that waits and tests their luck and those that actually do something, it can be anything even just be simply staying loyal to the game (I’m not promoting anything, just saying)

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I think it will be even later than that. The server app is only updated when the game is updated. So if you already have it downloaded, it shouldn’t affect play- so far as I know. If that’s the case, it would take Apple updating to an OS version incompatible with TBH.

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What Joe said.

You would theoretically still be able to set up a server, but if the game isn’t on the App Store, you cannot actually play on that server.

Why not?