The Evolution of IGNs / profile pics (2013 - 2018)



I was talking about his. :slight_smile:


I know, I know. Still, mine exists too. ._.


Perhaps they should all be merged.


Maybe. I still like mine to be individual but… up to milla.


Yep, it’s up to her to decide.


@devyn Merging the IGNs sounds like a good idea.


@Brer-Rabbit Probably ask Milla by private messaging her, I guess?


I’m sure she’ll see it.


@Brer-Rabbit I think so. With 1.7 coming it doesn’t take that long to do…


@Brer-Rabbit @devyn I still like mine anyway…


Remember CJ, don’t double post. :cheerful: Everyone slips up time to time though.


@Brer-Rabbit Sorry about that Brer. I’ll try to keep it safe. Also I don’t really want my IGNs merged I like the one I got now cause my other ones are probably affected by the coming 1.7 update. This was just a history of the pics and IGNs that I’ve accumulated over the years but long gone by now.


I believe Brer was talking about merging the threads, not the IGNs.


Alexandra is correct.


@Alexandra_Inglorien @Brer-Rabbit Sorry about that. I might have went off track with the IGN part, it might be good if the two forums were merged :slight_smile:


Hopefully @milla sees this and merges together as what @Brer-Rabbit suggested up top


U did a dbl pst


Brer already pointed that out.


We need a Bret-Rabbit (not correcting you, it actually sounds cool XD).

Double posting seems to be a habit like none other, so it’s honeslty understandable at this point.


Thanks for telling me @WumboJumbo about this. I’ll make sure to leave the link that @Brer-Rabbit left on his post.