The features I want the MOST in BH 1.7

Dave only has so much time & cannot make all our suggestions. If he could only make 3 which 3 would you have him make (of all prior listed suggestions).

My top 3 are:

1) Quest Doors:

Basic idea: Allow admins to create new limitations to introduce new gameplay.
Application: Doors/islands/areas which can only be entered with a pass code.
Result: This allows admins to create RPG style gameplay where users unlock new lands, areas, access to clubs and villages.

2) Backward Shop:

A shop in which users can offer gold coins for a specific product type (backwards shop). So I can offer 5 gold for five carrots in a shop.

3) Pay doors:

Basic idea: A door in which you would have to pay a fee to enter/exit.
Application: Allows people to setup farms where you pay 5 copper to enter and 10 apples to exit. Door owner collects profits.
Result: Allows people to connect with and contribute to economy servers with ease!

Quest applications for this idea

A lot of people join servers and feel left out. This would create an interesting multiplayer dynamic for people to engage in unique to online play. Just imagine all the interesting worlds where a whole section of the world is locked to anyone without diamonds and it’s a super hardcore world. Imagine the interesting gameplay!

Technical note for Dave

You may need to allow us to build walls up to space in order to allow areas of a world to be easily locked down.

Share your TOP 3 already-posted ideas (feel free to steal mine).

I just can’t hold back from sharing one more idea.

  1. 1x item distributor
    Application:Gives X item(s) to whoever finds it. Like a shop that is free. Limit 1 per person.
    Basic idea:
    Allows people to create quest-based servers where you go to X place and
    get X item to fulfill a quest (works together with password doors).
    Problem it solves:
    When doing this with shops hackers or rich people use coins to buy all
    items in a shop. An item distributor allows server owners to create fun
    find quests without having to worry about hackers, rich people or
    refilling the shop.

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Well then you should make threads for your suggestions. One suggestion per thread. Otherwise to will not get any official thought, or something along those lines.

Also, there are threads like this.

Unlike most threads this thread is not for new suggestions but for prioritizing and optimizing old ones. All 3 of my suggestions were suggested before. Although Skeeve did make a similar thread I felt his format was less user friendly so I made one which I hope will get people engaged as I feel this is really important. I see people suggesting things like new cloths and I just hope we can together set our top 3 priories so Dave get’s a clear picture of what we would LOVE to have.

I believe he was focusing on looking at top likes and most replies… Correct me if I am mistaken though.

your quest door idea was new to me. But I would LOVE it.

My top 3 I guess would be:

  1. Citrine gem trees and associated citrine items.

  2. Handcar flips and track loops

  3. Submarines and/or scuba gear

It’s perfectly okay to create threads like this to discuss ideas. The actual suggestion threads for these ideas are what will get our attention though.

The only risk is that discussion of them here might detract from discussion of them in their own threads, so be aware of that.


I love those ideas! Great! Gem trees are sooo cool :slight_smile:

Does that mean new discussion on an old thread is allowed if it’s appropriate? I get so confused about the “no bumping” and other zombie thread rules that I usually just try to avoid it.

I think what she’s saying is that it won’t get official consideration here so if you want to discuss and develop an idea more, don’t do it here, do it in another thread. And I believe you are supposed to start a new thread if there isn’t a recent-enough (no idea how long that would be, though) thread with that idea…
If that helps. Not sure it will.

Well, here’s my example. I hadn’t ever seen an original thread for quest doors. I’ll go search now. It’s not my idea so I wouldn’t make a new thread, but I wonder if I’m allowed to comment on that even if it’s from like 2015.

In other words, I’m wondering if Suggestions are like Multiplayer and some thread necromancy is allowed.

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Start a new suggestion thread, rather than dredging up old ones. The fact that a suggestion is made more than once is a factor of consideration in itself. A suggestion that has half a dozen threads is more likely to get serious consideration than one that has only one, unless it’s something like private chat, which we have clearly stated to be out of the question.

Discussion of suggestions outside their dedicated threads is not really taken into account, so threads like this could detract from a suggestion rather than enhancing it.

I would really love to see uservoice for suggestions so that people who like ideas can vote on them :slight_smile:

What’s uservoice?

People who like ideas can vote on them by clicking the heart button.

You should google it, it’s amazing. Finding and voting on ideas is easy. You can order ideas based on votes (helps mods know what is most popular). It’s easy to get rid of duplicates, it’s easy to show off what is in progress or planned.

It’s a whole cams dedicated to getting and organizing feedback.

for me,
1.Acc system+social platform
I want a thing which lets u interact with others and have groups/communities/clubs.
Also would want a thing that lets u share ur builds and let people just build it with the materials (does not apply to chests,paintings,etc.) and that can also double as a copy/paste tool

2.customised protection signs areas
I am a very good hotel; builder. The only way to give ur room owners freedom is by having a chunk/the whole room above and below them protected by them.As an admin, I always worry about this.What if he breaks in what if he steals her stuff what if…

A mod system to fulfill all the wishes in this thread.Etc,Roads Cars Planes Custom stuff …

So yeah… Those are my top 3 wishes that dave will add in 1.7

Yours sincerely, Joseos_123

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