The Forest (RP)


The Forest. It is your home, you have lived there all your life and hope to live there in the future. Most animals don’t understand the ‘humans’ as they are called. But you do. You somehow have a very human talent, and you know that your home will soon be gone, flattened by ‘trucks’ and ‘diggers’ to collect the wood from the trees. That is… unless you can persuade the humans not to.
This would not be an easy task. As you understand it, the ‘leader’ has decided that the Forest must be cut, and they live in a ‘fortress’ made from ‘steel’, and it’s surrounded with other humans called ‘guards’.
But maybe with help from your friends, you can get in… and save the forest.


  1. The animal that can speak English is the main character. Anyone can claim this role, if no one does I will create my own character and this can be the main character. The reason for this is that this animal will later be the negotiator, hopefully.
  2. You can only select animals which live in a forest/ jungle. No lions. But meerkats are allowed, we can just say they’re lost :wink:
  3. Your animal has only one human-like ability (can be referred to as HLAs) , for example in the case of a meerkat that can unlock doors :door:, door unlocking is its only HLA.. Otherwise it just behaves like an ordinary meerkat.
  4. The humans are NPCs, I will control them,
  5. You may control EITHER one large animal, two medium animals, three small animals, or a swarm of insects/group of mice etc. However, these are maximums, You can have one small animal if you like. But think of it as this. You are only allowed 10 points. Large animals are worth 10 points. Medium animals are 5 points and small animals are 3 points. Each swarm animal is worth 1 point, so if you want a swarm of 7 bees and one small animal, that’s fine.
  6. Please fill in the forms before 20 Feb. After this no new characters will be accepted.

Character form
Name (optional, if your raccoon, say, had no name, it would be referred to as Raccoon. If another raccoon was created, this raccoon would need to have a name.)
Appearance- (any abnormalities ie. darker than normal fur?)
Personality- (Details! Details!)
Human-like Ability (HLA) - (this is the ability you have which is usually found in humans, eg. Lockpocking, intellect, electrical skills
Talents - (must be simple ie. agile or quiet, and your animal must be able to do this - a cow can’t jump from tree to tree, but a lemur can.)
Favourite food - (Pick from the things your animal’s species eats.)


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Species- Little Brown Bat
Name- No name. I’m just called “Little Brown Bat” or “LB Bat” for short
Age- 3 years

Personality- Outgoing at times, yet shy at other times. LB Bat is brave and loves adventuring.
Human-like Ability (HLA) - can open doors with feet
Talents - is swift and quiet and can use echolocation
Favourite food - LL Bat loves to eat insects
Other/Backstory- Nothing much, other than the fact that her mom and dad were killed by humans.


((I will make the humans that eat the forest :laughing:


Species: A american shorthair cat
Name: Cater
Age: 3 years old
Has rainbow fur
Personality- Is normally happy but can be sad
Hates it when people want him to make food for them. Expert chef.
Human-like Ability (HLA) - Cooking Food
Talents - Sneaking
Favourite food -Salmon flavoured rats
Other/Backstory- The species was hunted for it’s fur and this cat has lost all its siblings and parents due to humans hunting them. It likes to bake when he is stressed out. He is the last of its kind.

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((Ok, so so far we have @SHAHMMM ‘s Rosy bourke Parakeet Bob,
@VolcanoFlame ‘s Little Brown Bat,
@williamjs’s american shorthair cat Cater,
And @anon85547976 ‘s European red fox Sammi.
I will edit this post later with my character.))
Species - Black Bear
Name - Prezzo
Age - Nearly an adult
Appearance - Black as normal black bears, however he has a small golden patch of fur above his left eye, about the size of a quarter.
Personality - Prezzo is an adaptable bear :bear:. He is most comfortable as a team player, but can easily take on a leadership role. He is also an obsessive strategist and is a crucial asset to his team. Prezzo can easily organise the strengths of his comrades to execute seemingly impossible plans perfectly. However, he doesn’t like others contradicting his plans and doesn’t always listen to others’ ideas. He is a little self obsessed.
HLA Prezzo has opposable thumbs on his front paws :paw_prints: so he can hold things when standing on his hind legs.
Talents Prezzo is good at standing on his hind legs and can do it for short periods of time (ie. up to 5 minutes nonstop). He is also a good climber :person_climbing:‍♀️ and although he can’t climb manmade, smooth surfaces, he can easily climb rough surfaces or ones he can sink his claws into.
Other- Prezzo only normally works with predators further up the food chain but when he heard of the Forest’s predicament he agreed to work with any animals in the team. He won’t eat your characters, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


((It’s ok for your character to speak English, but that’s a HLA, so you can’t have the dessert one.

Also @SomeRandomUser, I put a rule saying that humans are the only villains and they are controled by me, sorry!

Finally, @williamjs , it’s a little unlikely for your character to have rainbow fur, he would have probably been hunted to extinction for his pretty fur.))


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Then can it be the last of it’s kind or something because their mom and dad and brothers and sisters have been hunted for death


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((There was a movie with the exact same plot as this roleplay, about 6-7 years ago. I don’t remember its name, though.))

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Yes. We are gathering in the Clearing in the centre of the Forest, Prezzo has organised the gathering to get everyone together and decide on leaders etc. So could everyone please bring their characters to the Clearing? Here’s how Prezzo gets here.

Prezzo was curious to talk to his usual prey. It would be interesting, he decided, as he had never seen one talk, and in his imagination they all had hilarious squeaking voices. However, he had called the gathering in the Clearing to sort out the team. After all, he needed to know their talents to work out how the humans could be stopped.

Most animals in the forest were normal, and spoke the forest animals’ tongue, Woodlanis.
However from Prezzo’s connections, he gathered that there was an animal in the forest, he didn’t know which, who could also speak English. They would be crucial, for if they managed to infiltrate the ‘steel fortress’, would it not all be for nowt if nobody could communicate with the humans, and the Forest would be destroyed.

However, Prezzo knew this animal was not the only animal with one of a human’s abilities. Prezzo’s main one was that he had been born with opposable thumbs, although this was also an ape trait. His second was that he was an amazing strategist. They must search for teammates, though not all had to have human abilities. Prezzo set off to the Clearing.

((I’m bringing three meerkats with no HLAs to the gathering, but they are mostly NPCs.))