The Forest (RP)


((A dragon eats the animals. The end))


LL Bat fluttered over to where Prezzo was. “Hi!” she said in ‘Woodlanis.’ She fluttered around a bit then landed on the ground infront of Prezzo.


Prezzo stood before his team. Fortunately there were many brave animals in the Forest who wouldn’t stand by while it was destroyed. After cheerily greeting a little bat who had landed on the ground in front of him, he called for silence and all the animals gathered in a group in the Clearing’s centre.

“Friends!” Prezzo called out in Woodlanis. “I am so happy that you are here today. You are all so brave to stand up to the humans! We will save our Forest! Now, who would like to introduce their self first?”
Prezzo looked down at the small, pale pink fox that had bumped into his leg. He heard it say something in English, so declared to everyone else in Woodlanis, “Well, I can see that this young fox is the admired speaker of English. Thank you for coming!”
Prezzo saw three meerkats on the edge of the group and invited them up to where he was. “Now what are your names?”

The first meerkat, a confident looking male, stepped up and said “My name is Darrell. Me and my siblings don’t have any HLAs as you call them, but we are willing to help out. One of my talents, for example, is hunting.”

The second meerkat stepped timidly from behind Darrell. This one was a female and had a noticeable heartshaped nose. “I’m Laila,” she said. “I’m good at lookout, and I am also good at problem solving.”

The third meerkat was smaller than the others, though he was a male. He had no markings around his eyes, so wore what looked like sunglasses. “My name is Jase. I’m good at operating human machinery, because I used to be a pet of a mechanic.” he explained quietly.

“Well done! Everyone, meet Darrell, Laila and Jase!” Prezzo said enthusiastically. “Now who would like to go next?”
((All animals speak in Woodlanis unless you mention speaking something different (this is mostly for @anon85547976 ‘s fox)))


Brownie fluttered up to where he was on the stage. “I’ll go!” She said in Woodlanis.

She hovered there a little above the meerkats and spoke. “I’m Brownie. I’m a Little Brown Bat. I’m good at opening doors, even human doors, with my feet, as long as they aren’t locked.” Brownie fluttered back down to where she was before, infront of Prezzo on the ground.

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Cater says “IM SECOND!!!” In woodlanis.
Cater waits enthusiastically.


“Go on!” Prezzo said to the shorthair cat.


“I’m Cater!” Cater says in woodlanis
"My fur is nice so most of my species have been hunted down and killed. Even my parents! I can bake and cook stuff. For example…" Cater takes a cooked fish and shows it. “This may look like a normal fish tat’s been cooked but…” Cater slices the fish in half. “Inside there is herbs, spices, etc. okay who’s next?” Cater says


That’s another HLA.


((What do you mean by Human Leukocyte Antigen?))


Haha. Human Like Ability.


Isn’t cooking and baking the same?


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“Ok, Sammi, go for it!”


“SAMMI!!!” Cater Yells.
“Why did you walk away?” Cater asks quietly


“Are you ok, Sammi?” Prezzo asks worriedly.


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Prezzo saw Sammi rush off into the woods and chased after her. “I’ll be right back!” he assured the other animals while he raced into the trees. Finally he found Sammi.
“What’s wrong?” he said. “Do you speak Woodlanis? It’s just…nobody else can speak English. We can’t understand you. You’re a very special fox :fox_face:.”
Prezzo looked down at her with his intelligent brown eyes.