The Forest (RP)


((How can we communicate with Sammi if we can’t understand her?))


((Ree im here tooo))
Cater has no idea what is happening nd just stays behind safely. “Just in case” he says.


Cater is bored… “When will they come back? UGHHHH”


Prezzo gets the gist of what Sammi is saying. With his opposable thumbs, he picks up a piece of charcoal and writes down the Woodlanis alphabet and some essential phrases. Soon, Sammi can speak Woodlanis enough to continue with the meeting. We return to the clearing.


“Finally, you’re back!!” Cater says.
“I was so bored!”


“What’s wrong?”


“Teeelllll meeeee…”


Pushes you toward the meeting


Lures you towards the meeting with a delicious fruit pie


I touch you and run


Runs away


Runs back


((Sorry to say this, but can we get on with the meeting?))


((An almighty unknown lord of The Forest, an omnipotent voiceless entity, manipulates the air around Sammi and Cater, silently decreeing this redundant game of tag come to an end. The two creatures of the wild, then find themselves forced back to where the meeting was held–
Just kidding, none of that happened.
The thing about creating an RP in the Blockheads Forums is that unfortunately, you have to put up with my lurkish tendencies.))


I think I will reopen to new characters seeing as most of ours are gone.
Do you want to make one, Alexandra?


((Ah, no thank you. I’m just here to enjoy the story. :smiley: My creativity is rather limited and I’m trying to stick to no RPs.
Other than the one I need to finish. :ninja: But–I’m working on the ‘finish’ part.))


“Where is everyone?”


“no you”


“Shhh” Brownie whispered.