The Forest (RP)


I’ll just go next, says Sammi, sighing depressed


“Ok, Sammi, go for it!”


“SAMMI!!!” Cater Yells.
“Why did you walk away?” Cater asks quietly


“Are you ok, Sammi?” Prezzo asks worriedly.



Runs away in the woods


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I miss this role play, in the good ol’ days :frowning:


I might revive this… Who’s still here?


I am here!




((I’m here to lurk and spread encouragement!!!))


((Okay, I’m going to write a new paragraph))
Prezzo saw Sammi rush off into the woods and chased after her. “I’ll be right back!” he assured the other animals while he raced into the trees. Finally he found Sammi.
“What’s wrong?” he said. “Do you speak Woodlanis? It’s just…nobody else can speak English. We can’t understand you. You’re a very special fox :fox_face:.”
Prezzo looked down at her with his intelligent brown eyes.


I looked up to him worriedly.
“I’m not ok. I don’t even know what Woodlanis is. I don’t know a single letter”
I burst into tears and say
“I just want to be like everyone else.”


((How can we communicate with Sammi if we can’t understand her?))


((Ah shoot. I forgot))

“I can understand woodlanis, I just can’t speak it. I can understand you right now. I just can’t say anything. I have no friends and my mom and dad left me. I remember a small bear picking me up when I was a kit, and then leaving me too” I say, while crying


((Ree im here tooo))
Cater has no idea what is happening nd just stays behind safely. “Just in case” he says.



no I won’t share boi -.-))


Cater is bored… “When will they come back? UGHHHH”


Prezzo gets the gist of what Sammi is saying. With his opposable thumbs, he picks up a piece of charcoal and writes down the Woodlanis alphabet and some essential phrases. Soon, Sammi can speak Woodlanis enough to continue with the meeting. We return to the clearing.


“Finally, you’re back!!” Cater says.
“I was so bored!”


Sits down in grassy area and watches the rest of the meeting.
I sigh, and a tear falls down my cheek.