The funniest blockhead name you’ve ever encountered

For me it was this person named “Mommy Swag” dunno its kinda dumb but something about it cracked me up.

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m o m m y s w a g


Did you encounter that person a long time ago? :lol:

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Dunno a couple months ago… something about mommy and swag don’t mix. :arrrrgh:

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My friend’s blockhead is named mommy milkers-

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Lmao a friends name was once mmmmm toes

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What is that supposed to imply? :sick:

I find that taking a famous persons name and swapping the initials is a good way to find funny names. For example awhile back I named one my my BHs “Dalt Wisney”


I have two blockheads in a server; Pfizer£Vaccine, and Moderna£Vaccine. :raspberry:

You named them after COVID-19 vaccines? :what:

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Yep. The same ‘mommy milkers’ friend loved it for some reason.

Someone name theirs delta and start attacking people

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oof but funny

Also why are peeps replying/posting to me every second?! I’m not that interesting!!! :dead:

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An in-game pandemic? :what:

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Well this forums is rapidly dying we need to be welcoming to new people. And I think someone who has a friend named mommy milkers is pretty interesting. :smiley:

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they should be green too : )

Or red and grey. Good morning

Cuz the game is?

Yes it’s dying. Wow we have quite a few active people this morning on the forums.

As Milla said it’s a waning game

I wonder why? :lol: