The glitched rain is back ;-;


This explains it all. :frowning:

The curse of the glitched rain has reached angel world. :frowning:
iOS 11.3
iPad Air 2
And yeah ;-;


That is not raining. That’s a premature formation for a black hole.


Not really a rain glitch. It sometimes occurs underground by water though I’ve never seen it with this many lines before. Nice screen grab.


the rain froze mid air

or there just a bunch of invisible clouds breaking the law of gravity


Are you supposing ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED?!


That looks like hyper speed.


Now rain is moving in 8 directions.


Chewie you ready?

Does it change when you move your view point tho…


Yes it does. Then it just disappears.


Woah. I’ve never seen this before 0.0




That looks like a path to nirvana :0


It’s a time God coming to through free tc at you!