The great escape! (MAC SERVER)

Welcome to The Great Escape!

This server is in West Grestin. A cold, desolate country, with propaganda that separated from Russia. In this country, you have to gather, fight, and survive against other players, and the harsh climate. You will spawn in a decaying building with a decaying hydroponics bay. Your goal is to get clothes so you can go outside. Once outside you will be met with hostile creatures, and players. A main goal is to escape spawn. It will not be easy though. In this world you can do anything, be a feared warlord, or a rich merchant. The choice is yours…


  • Light swearing is allowed, don’t go into slurs.
  • PvP is encouraged!
  • Don’t Spam the Chat please.
  • writing any SMUT material of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Don’t tick off the admins or any staff.
  • don’t dupe, it ruins the economy
  • hacking is not allowed
  • also, don’t share items in spawn. You can kill in spawn to get items.
**Job Opportunities!**

Admin (Oversees the helpers, and enforces the rules.)
Mod (enforces the rules, and helps players)
Builder (Builds shops, and buildings.)
Helper (helps refill chests and shops.)

Generously hosted by @Wingysam
Coming soon!


Isn’t that a city from another game? If so, I’m excited!

West grestin is from papers, please. The only fake country that sounded good.

Sexual / erotic text.

What is SMUT? I’ve never heard of it so now I’m curious?

Read the comment directly above yours.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok

Hmm seems great tho !