The Green Screen 2: (100 Years Later...)

Well, it is that sort of time to announce that. I have worked on a sequel to the green screen short I made back in 2017 (unfortunately it is permanently gone) named (100 years later…)

This takes place 100 years later from the events of the original green screen. This will be a 4 part series/short, but anyway. A character named Jones Gifford sets out to mine to get the most materials to possibly win a lot! Of platinum coins. In the way he finds the green screen and from there the journey begins.

I cannot say much more as I do not want to spoil what happens in the story. :wink:

And also, if you are excited to see this as you may get a kick from it. Mark your calendars for 2019-06-21T17:59:00Z So you will not be late. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that is all for now. :slight_smile:

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How’d it end up underground?

What time zone. I’m excited.

As promised, here is part 1. :slight_smile:

Next part will be published Monday, 2019-06-24T18:02:00Z EST

(The Green Screen: 100 Years Later…)

(Part 1 of 4)

(100 years later…)

Alarm goes off

???: Oh, great…

???: Grabs hammer and smashes Alarm

???: Gets up and rubs eyes

???: Whelp, there goes another phone…

???: Alright, I have to get done quick so I can go cave exploring!

???: runs off of bed and gets into bathroom

???: starts brushing teeth

???: One important thing is to brush your teeth before going cave exploring…

???: Spits out toothpaste.

???: starts to get out of the house

???: Jones, I nee-

Jones: Sorry, I am busy. I gotta go CAVE EXPLORING!

???: Whatever, just get back by 5:00 PM.

Jones: Alright.

door slams shut

Jones: grabs handcar and rides away

Jones: Alright, off to th-

Jones’s handcar hits a train

Jones: gets thrown to the ground

???: Hey! Watch where you are going moron.

Jones: Sorry, didn’t see you.

???: Alrighty, it seems like you are too excited today my son.

Jones: I am!

???: How so.

Jones: I heard today that if I find the most artifacts I could win 10,000 Platinum coins.

???: :thinking:

Jones: Alright, I am off!

???: Wait!

Jones: What?

???: How do you expect me to pay for the damage of my train?

Jones: I will pay you later.

???: Alright, if you need me. I will be in the White House to the corner of Emerson Street New Blockshure. My house number is 721.

Jones: Alright! I am off.

???: Goodbye Jones!

Jones: Good bye to you sir.

Jones: Wait a second, did the guy just leak his address to the audience?

Jones: Eh, nevermind. Forget I said that.

(An hour later…)

at the mine entrance

???: Listen up guys! If you get me a lot of loot by the end of the day. I will give you a lot of money! Got that!

People: Yes sir!

???: Alright, you can go into the mine. But be back by 3:45!!!

The people start running into the mine making the room empty in seconds…

???: Jones, why are you standing there.

Jones: Oh sorry, I was tying my boot.

???: That’s all right, But GET TO WORK!

Jones: Yes Sir

Jones Runs into the mine elevator

Jones: Here we go…

The elevator lowers…

(5 minutes later…)

The elevator stops

Jones: Dang, that’s always a long elevator, they need to improve that…

sounds of picking could be heard

Jones: trips on rock

Jones: Woah! Dangit!

Jones: hits ground hard

(End of Part 1…)

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Sorry I had posted this late, I forgot about today being the date I had to post this. Anyway the next one will be posted at a random time frame.

Anyway, enjoy. :slight_smile:

(The Green Screen: 100 Years Later…)

(Part 2 of 4)

Jones: Oof, what happened?

Jones: Anyway I got to get to Mining.

Jones: starts walking towards mining section

???: Hey Jones, Catch!

Jones: Wait, what!

???: Throws diamond toward jones

Jones: No Way!

???: Yeah, I just discovered it recently.

Jones: walks over and hands diamond

???: You can have it.

Jones: No thanks, it is yours.

???: Alright then.

Jones: Starts running toward his mine

Jones: Alright, here we go!

Jones: Starts mining

5 hours later…

Jones: huffing and puffing because he is tired

Jones: Dang, 5 hours and no luc-

Steel pickaxe breaks

Jones: DANG IT!

Jones: Kicks wall

Kicks through thin stone

Jones: What the…

Jones: Pulls out Walkie

Jones: Brody, You got to see this!

Brody: I am on my way!

10 Minutes later

Running can be heard

Brody: Alright! I am here.

Jones: Good!

Jones: I don’t know what this is inside. But it is shining green!

Jones: But I can’t mine it as my pickaxe had shattered in pieces.

Brody: I see that, here.

Brody: Hands over bomb

Brody: Alright, I got to get back to mining. Bye!

Brody: Starts Running back to mine

Jones: Anyway!

Jones: Ignites TNT and starts running

Jones: Oh Crap! Got to keep running!

TNT is heard exploding

Jones: Woah! That was a close one.

Jones: Anyway.


Jones: What is this thing?

Jones: Some sort of green wall…

Jones: uncovers dust

Jones: reads text

The Green Screen, Manufactured in 2017 by Sunnyperson CO

Jones: What’s a Green Screen?

Jones: Anyway, let’s see if this camera here is still working!

Jones: presses button

camera turns on…

Jones: Wait, how did tha-

camera explodes

Jones: What the!

Jones: WOAH!

shrapnel hits stone wall breaking it…

Jones: Yikes! That scared the living crap out of me…

Jones: Anyway, since the camera exploded. There is no way I can get this thing to work.

Jones: notices blue and white particles

Jones: Alright, this is freaking me OUT!

Jones: notices arm disappearing

Jones: Uh oh…

Jones gets sucked into the green screen…

Jones: Woah! I feel like something is happening…

Jones: But this place is trippy.

Jones appears on a roller coaster

Jones: What the heck?

Jones: Why am I on a roller coaster…

Jones: And I just realized that I am screwed!

roller coaster begins the Offaly long process of going down the hill which takes about 2 seconds or more but I don’t know how to count this and I don’t know what I am doing…

Jones: Stomach drops

Jones: Hhhhhhhoooollllllyyyyy CRRRRRUUUUDDDD!!!

Jones: Thhhhiiiissss is the most IIIINNNNSSSSAAAANNNNEEE thing I have eeeevver be on.

roller coaster enters a loop

Jones: Woah!

roller coaster gets stuck upside down

Jones: Whelp, this is just great… I was enjoying the ride.

Jones: Sad to see it end…

Jones enters the trippy realm again

(End of Part 2)

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I will just place this here…

(The Green Screen: 100 Years Later…)

(Part 3 of 4)

Jones appears in the set of The Green Screen 1.

Jones: Umm… Hello?

Jones: Who are you people?

???: How did you get here?

Jones: Some sort of green screen thingy

???: Ohh…

???: Could you please refrain from teleporting into our set again?

Jones: I guess…

Jones disappears

???: Alright, where we’re we. I forgot

???: Oh yeah!


jones appears in a strangers house

???: Oh no, I gotta take a poop!

???: runs towards the bathroom

???: Open up!

Other ???: No!

jones appears inside the bathroom

Jones: Where am I

Other ???: Screams

Jones: I am sorry, I don’t know how I got here…

Jones: slowly walks out of the bathroom…

???: Who are u?

Jones: My name is Jones…

???: Alright, FS is in the bedroom if you need him.

Jones: Who is FS?

???: food supply, he is the source to get out of this realm.

Jones: Alright.

Jones: walks into the room where food supply is

???: Uh oh…

pop is heard

splat sound is heard

Jones: So, food supply. Do you know how to get out of the illusion thingy?

Food supply: For one thing, you need t-

Food supply starts turning to dust

Jones: Well that is not good…

Food supply: Well, Goodbye.

Food supply is turned into dust…

Jones: Oof.

Food supply appears out of thin air

Food Supply: Sike, Got you!

Food Supply: Starts laughing

Jones: >_<

Food Supply: I cannot believe you fell for that.

Jones: Slaps Food Supply

Food Supply: Ouch.

Jones: Do you know how to get out of this boring rushed Green Screen?

Food Supply: Yes, But you need to go to the dark realm.

Jones: Where is that.

Food Supply: The Bottom of the Nether.

Food Supply: Jk, I’ll take you there.

Jones: Thank you.

Food Supply: Opens up Portal Using Space Stone

Jones: That’s Copyright!

Food Supply: Shut up!

Food Supply: pushes jones into dark realm

Jones: Dang you!

portal closes

Food Supply: Good, now I can finally relax.

Door begins to bulge

Food Supply: Well that isn’t good, this is the second time this has happened…

Door breaks

Food Supply: Crap…

The room floods with poo poo

Jones Appears in the Dark Realm

inside the dark realm

Majicdave: AHHHH!!!

majicdave lands on the ground

Majicdave: *wipes off his cloth

Majicdave: THOSE… IDIOTS!

Majicdave: tried killing me and now IM IN A STRANGE UNIVERSE!!

Majicdave: why is life so unfair…

majicdave unleaches a force but fails


Majicdave: so what do I do here now… since this is not good.

tasing is heard


Guard handcuffs fernando

Jones: What the…

Jones: Where am I?

Majicdave: You are in the dark realm…

Jones: Oh.

Majicdave: And also, bye!

majicdave vanishes

Jones: Weirdo…

jones gets thrown up from majicdave

Jones: covers head

Majicdave: Ha ha

Jones: falls on ground and almost falls down cliff

Jones: Well that was close…

Majicdave: Whelp, time to die!

Jones: No, you…

Majicdave: Wha?

Jones: gets up and sprints just in time

Majicdave: Dang Nabbit!

Majicdave: grabs ledge

Majicdave: Help me.

Jones: No

Majicdave: Pwease?

Jones: On one condition.

Majicdave: What is it?

Jones: I spoil endgame for you.

Majicdave: Ah Screw it…

Majicdave: Lets go of ledge and starts falling

Jones: Good Gosh, Why did he do that?

majicdave hits the ground

Jones: Oof…

jones starts disappearing

jones warps back into the mines with the soul stone…

Jones: Oh, back here again?

Jones: Well, I guess that was it.

Jones: Anyway… why do I have the soul stone?

Jones: Ah. Nevermind.

Jones: grabs hammer and smashes soul stone

Jones: Good…

explosion is heard…

Jones: makes oof sound and breaks up into little pieces

Jones wakes up from his coma…

???: Can it be?

Jones: What happened?

Jones: Why does my head hurt…

???: You we’re in a coma.

Jones: And why do I still have the SOUL STONE!

???: Wha?

Jones: This can’t be right…

Jones: looks out window

Jones: Why am I in New York?


???: Yeah, it’s been like this for the past few hours…

Jones: What year is it?

???: 2012

Jones: Oh no…

jones starts disappearing

???: Jones… Why are you disappearing?

Jones: Idk, and who are you?

???: I am your wife, David.

Jones: Oh no… this cannot be right!

Jones disappears

???: I’m jk, my name is Amel-

???: Where did he go?

building is heard exploding

Jones: wakes up from coma

Jones: W-What happened?

Amelia: Honey, Your finally awake!

Jones: Awake?

Amelia: Yeah.

Amelia: You suffered severe trauma when you we’re in the mines.

Jones: I did?

Amelia: Yeah, The rock you tripped on caused you to hit the ground and go into a coma.

Amelia: And also, my name is DAVID!

Jones: Then Why am I strapped to a bunch of things?

Jones: realizes what they said

David: Because, You are my prey!

Jones: Wait, what?

David: equips titanium sword

David: Now run!

Jones: Oh Crap!

david gets jones with titanium sword

(End of Part 3)


(The Green Screen: 100 Years Later…)

(Final Part,)

Amelia: sigh

Amelia: Gives kiss to dave

Amelia: Well, I am off to work. Goodbye jones.

Amelia: walks out of room

Jones: Wakes up for real this time

???: Gifford, Your finally awake!

Jones: Wha-What happened?

???: You we’re asleep in a coma for the last 2 weeks.

Jones: Wait, What?

???: Yeah, unfortunately you got injured in the mine.

Jones: So what I had experienced was not real?

???: What?

Jones: uugh, I had a weird dream…

???: Umm, I could have sworn people in comas don’t dream.

???: Let me research on that later.

???: You are free to go.

Jones: Alright.

Jones: Do you know where Amelia David is?

???: Oh, she left for work.

Jones: Oof.

(2 months later…)

Jones: Now what was it that I was trying to think of…

Jones: Uh, nevermind…

Jones: Opens door

Jones: Plops handcar on ground

Jones: Alright, now lets g-

Train derails

Jones: WOAH!

Jones: Sprints inside

The train crashes

Jones: O_O

Jones: Runs outside to wreckage

Jones: Dude, are you alright?

???: yes.

???: cough cough

???: Just went too fast and didn’t see the turn.

Jones: Alright.

???: Say, want to come over to my house later on for a cup o’ tea?

Jones: Why sure.

???: I-If you need me, I will be at the White House in Emerson ST.

Jones: Alright.

???: Gets out of train and starts walking home

Jones: Wait a second…

Jones: That was the thing I was trying to think about but couldn’t…

(3 hours later…)

Jones: Knocks On Door

door opens

???: Jones! Your here.

???: Glad you could make it.

???: Come On in.

Jones: walks in house

Jones: So, Who are you exactly.

???: My name is John.

Jones: Nice.

John: Unfortunately Philip couldn’t make it, but I am sure he would have loved to see you.

Jones: Who’s Philip?

John: A partner I work with at the Apple store.

Jones: Nice…

Jones: sips tea

(3 hours later…)

Jones: Thanks for letting me come here.

John: You mention it.

(2 years later…)

Jones: mines into thin wall

Jones: What the?

Jones: This cannot be real…

Jones: Brody, could I have a few of your bombs?

Brody: Sure.

Jones: 3… 2… 1…

Jones: Pushes Down On explosive activator

Explosion is heard

Jones: Good, Now no one wi-

Jones: Brody, Where did you go?

Brody: Notices he is disappearing

Brody: This cannot be good…

Jones: Here we go again…

brody disappears

Janes: Dang…

Brody: Suprise!

Jones: Not funny!

Jones: You are n-

big boom is heard

tiny laser beam cuts a strand of hair off…

Jones: WHAT THE!

the mine starts the process of disintegration

Jones: Uh oh…

rocks fall onto brody

Jones: BRODY!!!

End Of Part 4

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