The Guide to Boy Skins


There are exactly 70 boys skins. For some, it may be hard to tell them apart, so I made this guide. Find the Girls’ guide here. To help you narrow out what blockhead(s) you have, I will use an example blockhead to guide us. Let’s name him Joe.

The first method of separation is by skin colour. Since there are 5 skin tones and 70 BHs, there are 14 BHs per tone. Joe is a 1.

Next, we categorize through eyes. Here is a somewhat disturbing picture to help you distinguish the 2 types of eyes. On the left is the larger eye. On the right is the smaller eye. Joe has two black pixels and two white pixels for eyes, so he is large eyed. We had 14 BHs per tone, so now we can cut it in half. Joe is 1 of 7 different hair styles.

Lastly, we can categorize a Blockhead by their hair. Here are each of the styles. They are named based on what I think they look like. You may have different opinions. Joe has a beard.

We can finalize Joe as a M1LBeard.

M=Male, 1=1 skin tone, L= Large eyed, Beard= Beard hair.

Here are a few that you can name using the pictures. Check the spoiler for the correct answer. :slight_smile:

[spoiler]1: M5SBeard
2: M2SRegular
3: M4LCrew Cut

The almost complete list of guides

Thanks, Cricket887!


So the chance of getting the blockhead i like the most is 1/70 lol


Amazing, thanks so much!


Beautiful. Just beautiful.


So in real life I would be M2LBangs


I am M3LRegular, M3LStubble, M2LStubble, M1LStubble,M3LStubble


You should do a Girl Skins guide too.


Yes, I don’t get the difference between Bangs and non bangs :smiley:


And this thread is exactly why we need a better way of customising and choosing our blockhead’s appearance.
Great work, Cricket!


There is no “Non-bangs”. But there is a regular.


UPDATE: According to my calculations, there are 600 exactly girl skins. Why so many? This is because there are 3 elements to girls’ hair when there’s only 1 to boys. So, I’m working on the guide, but it’ll take a while, considering that I have to screenshot every skin on my phone and upload it to my computer and remove the image’s background, so you only see the blockhead. This… is going to be a huge project…


Irl I am a M1SBlond :smiley:


Is it the same amount in the HD textures?




Thank you Cricket.
::I like the M1LCrewCut


So how far are you so far?


This is really useful :cheerful: