The History of George's Lemonade Stand


Hello! This thread is a fun little game. It’s the history of George’s lemonade stand! For example…

Bob created a lemonade stand. For the first day it was successful.

Okay! Let’s begin!

George created his first lemonade stand ever. The next three days everyone loved it!

Note that there is no end to the game.
George cannot die.
George is an adult.


George started to sell pink lemonade after those three days. His profits went up.


But then someone build a lemonade stand selling green lemonade. His profits went down by 3.07 USD. They went up 10.73 USD the next day for the green lemonade being discusting.


George worked harder; he could do better!
The next day, he made sure every lemonade he made is looking good and delicious.
A lot of more people started to buy his lemonade and not the one next to George.


His competitor started to sell pink lemonade too. People thought his was better!

Profits dropped by 21.25 USD.


George built his own office and had his own special golden pen! :what:


The neighbouring stall got a bigger office and bought a diamond pen.


George turns his lemonade stand into a lemonade factory.


The neighbouring stall makes a factory too, and starts giving out 2 lemonades at the price of 1!


George destroys his competitiors factory.


The police promptly arrest George, and he is sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.
His factory gets shut down, and everyone starts missing his lemonade…


His mother bails him out, and where did he get the budget for a factory?


from logic.


Then George’s girlfriend decides to betray him because she wants the lemonade to be rich.


George then breaks up, and decides to sell the best lemonade by making false rumours about the neighboring stand! Profits raise by 293.99 USD.


George finds a new girlfriend and gets married. His wife is the Vice President now.


George’s lemonade becomes more popular than McDonalds, Burger King, Popeyes and more fast food restaurants. He is now a millionaire.


His neighbor contacted the government for something he didn’t do!! He got jailed for 5 years, and lost 999,000. Profits went down by over 999,000.


An investigator find out that George didn’t do it. George is no longer in prison. And his neighbor is now serving a life sentence


George’s profits go higher and higher each hour. He’s so rich that he buys a game called the blockheads and he becomes a millionaire.