The History of George's Lemonade Stand


The forums said that username was already taken, preventing him from doing so.


George finally finds a good username and password. He then registers his account.


Milla finds out that the username he chose was a bad word and banned him


Then he hacked the web and put Milla in jail (he had a good {technically ‘bad’} lawyer).


However, that ‘Milla’ was another Milla, for our milla has a lowercase m!
Before George could react, milla confiscated all of his electronic devices with her admin powers.


George becomes the admin of the world and bans a lot of ppl


After three thousand, nine hundred twenty-seven and twenty-one thousand, four hundred fifty-six ten thousandths years, George became so awesome that he could manipulate the thread, and with telekinesis, he gained control of the internet. Now, he was one-third internet, being able to do anything on there. (Sci-fi sound plays)


George decides to start selling an addictive app on every app store.

His profits go up, but his internet part feels week due to the lack of web protection that now app addicts should be protecting


Georgie is not satisfied with the app. After a long night of pondering he decides to sell the old app to another aspiring developer for 1 000 dollars. With the money he makes a lemonade app that helps its users to make perfect lemonade. After a few weeks Georgie made 100 000 dollars. Georgie is rich now.


George gets detected by an antivirus software and becomes a glitch.


Edgar tries to help George by getting Protegent. But when Edgar tries Protegent it doesn’t work.


George, unwilling to try Protegent again, ultimately decides to do the following in the order it was being said -

  1. Uninstall Protegent
  2. Cut off ties with the internet
  3. Go missing for 6 months (in which George and Edgar escape civilization and live isolated in the Himalayas)
  4. Sell lemonade to unsuspecting tourists


(@UNIHORSE Georgie is George’s heir.)
Apple makes an app, applicable only on computers. Apprehensive of an attack made by George, Apple appended the app with a brief apology. Then an out-of-control ape appeared and caused massive destruction.


(Oh shoot, I misspelled George’s name!)


The competitor thinks George is too successful, so he uses a time machine to reverse time back to when George made his lemonade stand


But George then goes back in time to the present and puts his competitor on the moon.


George learns the language of the Heptapods, meaning that time is no longer linear for him. He now knows all of his memories, past, present and future. (Sunday was a wonderful movie night, the first time {if ever} that I’ve watched a cerebral movie. Although The Madness of King George would also have been good, I bet.)


I’m now craving lemonade. :yum:


George terrorizes people and puts ISIS to shame.
George is now the most dangerous and most wanted man on Earth.


George convinces the government to give him a million dollars to build more lemonade stands.