The History of George's Lemonade Stand


George uses the money he gains to pay back the loan, and then forces them to grant him immunity.


They kill him instead. He is recarnated and starts a lemonade stand from scratch in his new life.


george cannot die; even if he has been reincarnated afterwards


His death causes a distortion of time in the universe sending him to many places.

He visits aliens, Dora’s house, gets grounded, and then he goes to a very strange planet that is full of very sad folks that are always sad.

George decides to make lemonade to cheer them up.


The lemonade works! George cheers them up!

He then goes back to earth on a rocket.


George is selling his lemonade at 50 cents a cup.
A little kid next door is selling his lemonade for 25 cents a cup in his wagon, but it’s all nasty.


George kills the kid.


You guys insert crazy government FBI chase here, I’m too lazy to do it


George has to shoot his way out of his 3 story house, and when he escapes, he takes over an FBI helicopter and flies (somewhere)


George is high in the sky without a place to go to. He lost his lemonade stand, his money, his future. He had to leave everything behind. What in the world would he do now.

After several hours of flying he sees a lonely mountain in the horizon. After a rough landing he goes in the nearby forest to find civilization. After some lonely hours he does find a small village in the mountainside. Maybe George could set up a new business here.


George sets up another stand, he starts off cheap, but the customers seem addicted and would pay anything, George increases prices and soon becomes very rich, later he decreases prices, and works on a vehicle that’s capable of getting him back to his home city


George finishes the vehicle and heads back home. Then he starts a new lemonade stand.


Aw, it’s turning too easy for George. Seriously, 1 post and 3 million do,lars generated. I liked some of the restarting, humble sales!

George has freshly squeezed lemonade. delicious, but no one wants to buy from him. He lowers his lemonade to 10 cents a cup, making just +10% after paying for lemons sugar and water.


A little girl walks up to George’s lemonade stand.


George sells his lemonade at discount for his first customer, 7 cents!


The little girl asks for a small cup of lemonade and gives George 7 cents.


The little girl then turns out to be a malicious demon, and captures George


The demon takes George to the devil, who offers to spare his life for 10% of his lemonade business
George accepts.
He runs to the store and uses some of his emergency funds to buy sparkling water, and begins to sell Sparkling lemonade with his normal lemonade
Things aren’t looking too good for George


Suddenly, time warps back to when George first starts his lemonade stand.


George is now a child again, and everyone likes buying lemonade from kids right?
He easily gets his best friend to buy a cup, before another man comes up. He looks like he wants more than one cup


The man then kidnaps George in his white van and drives away