The History of George's Lemonade Stand


George turns into a giant and breaks the van.


The hulk comes to stop him. george defeats the hulk somehow. hulk’s blood gets all over george, making him green. he is now the new hulk.


He takes a serum that turns him back to normal, but this took all of his money. He now works with one of his friends to sell lemonade. After a busy day of selling lemonade, George see’s a large group of kids coming over, but they don’t have enough cups to serve them all!


his friend is a magician, and conjures cups out of thin air


The cups then turn into demon rabbits and eat the children
”Well then” said the magician


The demon rabbits spit out a miniature demon rabbit.


George becomes a stone age child and sells lemonade to passing creepers which increases their happiness by 37.87%. The creepers tell the cave trolls, and soon George has twenty-nine stone coins that turn into gold.
He becomes the chieftain of the Sweet Yellow Water Tribe (named after lemonade) at age fifteen.


George wakes up and realizes he is dreaming.


Someone opens the door. It’s Edgar!


Edgar disolves.


But then he reappears!


And dissolves again


And reappears as a monkey!


It’s actually Curious George!


The version with a tail, he drones on about the mandela effect.


Then he sees monopoly man with a monocle. He starts to dream out and goes to a hospital.


Seriously, This game got REALLY messed up at some points. He got kidnapped? Wanted by the FBI? Assassinates a man? Kidnapped by the devil? Wow.

He wakes up in the ER hooked up to a heart monitor. His mom takes him home and he starts selling lemonade again


Then monopoly man with a monocole helps him sell Monopoly lemonade, that makes people flip tables for no reason. Somehow, it’s very addictive and his profits rise.


Then Darth Vader says “Luke, I am you father.” and destroys everything. (mandela effect quote)


Then a giant Kit-kat appears and kills Darth Vader (again) (Mandela effect kitkat).