The History of George's Lemonade Stand


Then Fruit Loops makes everything normal and becomes Froot Loops.


Then Jiffy the peanut butter brand comes and stops this madness and then George wakes up from his dream. He rebirths, gains 99999999e+2.4 angel investers and starts all over again. (Mandela
Jif penutbutter, and Adventure Capitalist reference)


Then George realizes this is all just a dream due to George eating six jars of peanut butter in five minutes


George builds a new stand and a group of tall women walk up to the stand.


He sells them lemonade.
A competitor opens a stand. George’s profits drop by $6386294.62 USD


The stand runs out of business and George gains more customers!


The grammar police confused “stand” with George’s stand, so George is bankrupt.


George sued them and won.


The competitor starts selling blue lemonade. He is back in buissness and George’s profits go down by $1,000,000,000,000,000


The competitor has a heart attack and dies, but kills George as a ghost.


George realized it was just a dream. He wakes up and builds a hot dog restaurant to get more money for the lemonade stands.


George meets his new baby brother, who fell out of the sky. They become buisness partners.


George’s brother, even though a baby, quickly learns how to work in the business. George is a proud brother


George’s brother becomes a navy soldier and dies in a fight between North Korea.


And then a baby comes in a taxi wearing the suit and condemns his lemonade stands.

(Get it anyone…?)


Yes. ._.


The baby leaves soon after realizing that George is quite useless.


George goes to his brother’s funeral only to find out his brother is still alive, and competing with his lemonade buisness using the tricks he tought him. It was no funeral, it was a lemonade party!


George tries to plot revenge


His brother is dying of a heart attack. The only cure is the golden cup of lemonade on Pluto.