The History of George's Lemonade Stand


The competitor starts selling blue lemonade. He is back in buissness and George’s profits go down by $1,000,000,000,000,000


The competitor has a heart attack and dies, but kills George as a ghost.


George realized it was just a dream. He wakes up and builds a hot dog restaurant to get more money for the lemonade stands.


George meets his new baby brother, who fell out of the sky. They become buisness partners.


George’s brother, even though a baby, quickly learns how to work in the business. George is a proud brother


George’s brother becomes a navy soldier and dies in a fight between North Korea.


And then a baby comes in a taxi wearing the suit and condemns his lemonade stands.

(Get it anyone…?)


Yes. ._.


The baby leaves soon after realizing that George is quite useless.


George goes to his brother’s funeral only to find out his brother is still alive, and competing with his lemonade buisness using the tricks he tought him. It was no funeral, it was a lemonade party!


George tries to plot revenge


His brother is dying of a heart attack. The only cure is the golden cup of lemonade on Pluto.


His brother gets it by himself and blows up Pluto

George is jealous as he is now filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy while his now 2 year old brother Leo’s company is selling on the stock market for 500 dollars a share.


George robs all of his money, and gets caught by cops and sentenced to death row.


Leo is the one excecuting George, he misses and dies by cutting himself up. George is let free for no reason and takes over his buisness because he is his only alive relative and he had no spouse being a baby and all.

Leo watches as a ghost, crafting himself a new body. Jealous that George is thriving off of what he had built up.


George decides to abandon Leo’s Company.


George is found pooping in the woods. Pictures are taken of him and his profits go down 300%.


Leo made a new body and is the photo taker, he is arrested for defamation.


He then becomes mentally insane and starts to kill millions of people. George hides in a shelter with limited food and water.


Leo gets locked up again, but then escapes trhough the sewer. When he is about to climb back to the city out of a manhole, he trips and somehow drowns.