The History of George's Lemonade Stand


But then George falls into a vortex and sells rainbow milk lemonade to a bunch of rainbow cows.



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George realizes he was dreaming, and sells his first cup of lemonade to the annoying boy. He tries to go to Wendy’s but is fired

Gross total: $50.50
Days til expenses due: 7
Expenses Due: $20


A man walks up to George’s stand and offers a partnership with his milk store.


George accepts the offer and moves his stand to the milk store, where he sells the milk from a goat infused with lemonade particles. People on the campus enjoy the lemonade goat milk .

George makes 600 dollars on his first day


The milk company is kicked out of campus, George starts a new stand with brown lemonade. It is a popular joke among students and is remotely sucessful so far.


George uses his popularity to change his brown lemonade back to regular lemonade. Some of the students in his classes begin buying his lemonade, but no one else

Day 3
Gross Profits: 35
Net Profits: 17
Gross total: 67.50
Days til expenses due: 5
Expenses due: $20


George changes to pink lemonade that tastes SO GOOD, recipe made by the cooking class teacher. Teacher gets 30 percent in revenue now. George and his teacher are making lots of money.


A fellow student starts a lemonade stand near George’s lemonade stand.

The student finds out George’s pink lemonade recipe and eventually sells it , making regular buyers get bored of the lemonade twice as fast!

George starts to sell nice old purified green lemonade made from green grapes!

It’s a big big hit

A group of haters want to attempt to steal his new lemonade recipe ,but little do they know that George listened into their plan!

The next 3 posts will be preparations for defending the recipe!

And please don’t knock it off and say the haters died or something! Go along!


His first action is to ‘drop’ a fake recipe on the ground, before pretending to be upset when they take it.
The students use the recipe, and make the nastiest grape lemonade ever.

Now knowing that the students want his recipie 100%, George prepares to keep the recipie safe overnight

((Can someone other than me do statistics? the pink lemonade netted 96 dollars, because pink lemonade is more expensive than normal lemonade, and 30% revenue is absurd))


The haters found the fake recipe but Joe the tornado comes back and they die in a tornado and Joe also dies in a tornado


George realizes that he has transformed into a small yodeling goat and he can’t pour lemonade if he has hooves. Profits go down the drain as he spends all his money trying to turn back into a human. He only gets halfway done, so he’s a mix of a centaur and a satyr now


George wakes up, what a bizzare dream.




George has flashbacks of being a kid


George runs for president of the NLS (national lemonade society) and wins!


He decides to build 100,000 lemonade factories around the world.


George gets put inside of a giant burger, but escapes.

He starts construction on his new lemonade factories.


When the lemonade factories are built they end up becoming really successful. George is super rich!


George starts to loose money as a result of his extreme over expansion and careless budget, but nothing too bad.


Then one day, Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an announcement on StarTalk about new studies showing lemonade can kill you really fast.