The History of George's Lemonade Stand




George has flashbacks of being a kid


George runs for president of the NLS (national lemonade society) and wins!


He decides to build 100,000 lemonade factories around the world.


George gets put inside of a giant burger, but escapes.

He starts construction on his new lemonade factories.


When the lemonade factories are built they end up becoming really successful. George is super rich!


George starts to loose money as a result of his extreme over expansion and careless budget, but nothing too bad.


Then one day, Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an announcement on StarTalk about new studies showing lemonade can kill you really fast.


No one believes him and George continues to make money.


George creates a hacking organization led by KingOfReptiles and starts mining bitcoin two months later. He then develops .LemonCoin() and becomes famous.


George decides to stop because he doesn’t want to be arrested and goes back to managing his factories.


George makes a mass profit off of .LemonCoin() and decides to release the new Lem-Y phone.


George is hesitant about continuing his hacking organization again. It could get him into big trouble!


He decides to continue the hacking.


Ignoring Frater, of course :whistling:. Take it easy…

George halts his hacking and instead starts producing more lemonade.


George meets his brother Leo again, he has rose from the sewers back to life. Leo gets thrown back into jail.


(.LemonCoin() isn’t a hacking organization… it’s basically a clone of Bitcoin)

George shuts down the hacking organization because he felt guilty, and he also exposes Titan as a sorcerer who was controlling the flow of the world.


He sells LemonCoin to Leo, a prison entrepreneur. He renames it LeoCoin.

George shuts down 50 of his non profitable lemonade factories.


Then George opens a few more factories up in Africa.


and also 50 in the Caribbean