The History of George's Lemonade Stand


George decides to go into hiding and make more lemonade


George randomly finds a time machine, and tries to fix all of his past mistakes, he ends up making everything worse and is now a slave worker for LeoCoin.


A riot breaks outside of LeoCoin and George is able to sneak out.


I thought this was America, where slavery is illegal…

George then opens a new lemonade stand and forgets all that has happened. He wants a fresh start.


But then he remembers he has to keep paying for his factories. George needs to find an accountant and quick before the payment for his factories are due!


His factories blow up with all of his money, and george is blamed for killing millions

He has nothing now. No businesses want to sign with him, he has nothing but a little bit of lemonade to start up a business. But he has a bounty on his head now


The police arrest him and send him to a prison in the middle of nowhere. All of the sudden a guard opens the cell door and gives him a package. When the guard leaves George opens it up and finds a cellphone with his lawyers phone number on it.


the cell phone is broken.

Joe the tornado comes back and takes George to Canada.

Him and a duck sell grapes and lemonade at a brand new stand.


You guys are so funny - you can’t keep the story flowing in one direction, it’s like you disregard whatever the previous person said and continue on with something completely different

But hey, i really don’t care lol


Fair point, but when you want people to recognize your plot, it only gets worse

Grapes are a hit, and now George and the Duck are averaging around 20 customers a day, not bad for a 1 week old stand


Then a wormhole opens up and George becomes only 100 nanometers tall.




Plot twists are one of my favorite parts of the story. :+1:

George then becomes a worm.


Unless there is too many of them.


Agreed, but a plot twist doesn’t mean completely changing the direction of the story. If you change the direction too many times, you have no direction

But that might be bc I’m a little ocd


Being so small, George is no longer alive, and thus the story is over due to atomic collapse. The End.

Actually, y’know, I’m in a good mood, so:
George becomes the smallest, dead millionaire.

Still not good enough? Sheesh. Freedom of speech, man.
George is un-shrunk and becomes a giant. He is now the largest, LIVING thing on Earth.


George becomes an ocean.


George is pretty chill with being an ocean, but then a whale pees in him. George realizes he is the bathroom for all the sea animals. George now hates being an ocean.


George then becomes a man again, and goes to Zimbabwe.


((This story is so zetta dull. Fighting with each other’s plots to make your own only results in flawed calculations!))