The History of George's Lemonade Stand


Then aliens kill him.

George beads back to the US, pays his charges and bills, and starts fresh.

He has 500k left in his bank account. His charges, bills and all were 50m.


He decides to break into a bank and steal some money to pay for his bills.


Just no


George gets caught, and is now cellmates with Leo.




George is able to get in contact with his lawyer.


this ends up being a huge case, going to the supreme court.


He somehow wins, and he gets the money he got in his bills back.


George pays for his bills and leases a small building for no reason at all.


The building is filled with lemonade. Edit- from his original lemonade stand.


George starts selling grape soda and fizzy lemonade in Central Park, NY. It becomes a huge hit, being featured on national news.


George is sued 100M for stealing his neighbor’s sack of potatoes


The case was dropped due to the fact of it being a false accusation.

George meets a guy named Bob and he pays George to advertise his hot dog stand on his lemonade stands for 100K NZD a month.


George pays Bob. The hot dog stand is successful! That is until someone claims their father died from eating one of Bobs hot dogs. Bob and George bring their lawyers and go to court again. The judge finds Bob guilty but George is found innocent and gets sent back to square one.


George finds that his lemonade stand has been stolen and he finds it. Then the thief sued George 10 Quattourdecivigintillion Dollars for stealing ‘‘his’’ lemonade stand.


George becomes a worm and goes into a hole


George realizes that the worm was a dream and gets depression


George attempts to build another lemonade stand.


he fails


George, bored from lemonade, makes a fast food chain called McGeorge’s.
It is a small building in a big city. There are a few customers coming in.