The History of George's Lemonade Stand


George stars in a superbowl commercial with Ricegum advertising Monster Microchips’s M-chip X
The audience is zetta impressed


George becomes a trillionare. He is then shot for being too famous. He is rushed to a hospital.


George magically heals (he remembers a few pointy ears), but feels the pain of the shot the same time every year.


He loses all his money and to make more he starts a restaurant that sells tide pods


He gets sued fast and loses all his money. He is now living on the streets.


With the help of a few people George is able to get his lemonade stand running again.


the few people die by getting sucked up by Joe the tornado and George is on his own again, with a decently successful buisness. Enough to pay the bills.


Then a competitor gets way more profits than George. The competitor, Pennywise, makes Green lemonade, which becomes huge.


Green lemonade is found out to be toxic and the competitor shuts down. George starts selling lemonade at circuses with shockingly minimal sales, he needs to find a better market to sell his lemonade.


Pennywise makes Blue lemonade, which also becomes a huge hit.

George makes Coffee lemonade, which is basically lemonade with caffeine. It becomes a huge hit with my hand teacher and the people who drink coffee. It’s considered a healthier alternative to coffee.


George goes out of business because somebody discovered that if you think, ‘This is like a potato,’ it’ll taste terrible. And THK, a capital beverage critic, decided that he liked regular coffee better.


George is feeling sad, nobody has acknowledged him since February 21st.


George finds that this as been bumped.


The forums police arrest him and suspend him for a month.


…then he escapes the jail, but ends up dropping a key ingredient to his lemonade. The police pick it up and they open their own lemonade stand.


George sues the police for copyright and they hire him to b a police


The police find out George hasn’t copyrighted his lemonade and file a cooyright.


George finds out the police are actually copied off other polcie and copyrights the police


George now owns the police departments, and was able to fire the police wanting to copyright his work, so he was able to keep his lemonade and he filed a patent.


The patent ended up being successful.