The History of George's Lemonade Stand


But another company (his competitor) copied off him and got a more successful patent


Turns out it was his lost son, Jeffery!

(from about 700 posts before)


George opens up another lemonade stand, completely starting his life over. He gets some decent money and gets a girlfriend.


Remember this?
If George is getting 2 crystals per post after the quote, then he has 1168 crystals which give him an 1168% earnings boost!


He is super rich (because of the boost) after selling a lemonade to a kid.

It turns out it was his son, Jeffery.

He steals the lemonade and uses it to mass produce his lemonade for ultra cheap.


Communism spreads world-wide, and George is forced to give all of his money to the government


But everything that happened (Fbi, world exploding, magic crystals, etc) was all a dream. He wakes up, and opens up his lemonade stand,


He starts life as normal, but the aliens come to the earth to destroy it.


The aliens decide not to attack him because he gave them the wonderful gift known as lemonade.


the aliens roduce their own lemonade now.



George’s life starts over from post one (the op)


Then, due to rips in the fabrications of space and time and the spread of darkness caused by George himself, criminals are spreading at an alarming rate.

Then George gets sent to court for copyright infringement.


Billy decides to make a coffee stand instead


George hires a manager to take care of the coffee stand while he works on the lemonade stand.