The History of George's Lemonade Stand


He is super rich (because of the boost) after selling a lemonade to a kid.

It turns out it was his son, Jeffery.

He steals the lemonade and uses it to mass produce his lemonade for ultra cheap.


Communism spreads world-wide, and George is forced to give all of his money to the government


He starts life as normal, but the aliens come to the earth to destroy it.


The aliens decide not to attack him because he gave them the wonderful gift known as lemonade.


the aliens roduce their own lemonade now.



Then, due to rips in the fabrications of space and time and the spread of darkness caused by George himself, criminals are spreading at an alarming rate.

Then George gets sent to court for copyright infringement.


Billy decides to make a coffee stand instead


George hires a manager to take care of the coffee stand while he works on the lemonade stand.


His manager steals the coffee stand when george isnt lookng


George didn’t seem to mind.

He starts to make lemonade in special exclusive cups, blockheads themed! His sales skyrocket!

(did seriously everyone forget about the lawsuit for copyright)


It didn’t affect George.


Anyways, let’s pretend that never happened and continue on.

After blockheads gained a bunch of attention, hackers were on the rise, along with many bad people. George, along with Dave and Milla get sent to court for charges to do with COPPA, thus George losing sales for the time being.


The judge ruled that Dave and George must fight each other in a 1v1 boxing match


However, the two dropped through a portal into an alternate universe, where the one who ‘lost’ won, and the one who ‘won’ lost. Then, the were looped back and forth (imagine if you had two portals that were connected to each other [portals such as the ones in Portal or whatever the game is called], one below the other, and thus you couldn’t stop falling) approximately 478.83 trillion times (they could do this quite fast, because they accelerated until they reached their speed limit due to air resistance [a very, very fast speed] [but because this a weird world, so they were unable to burn up]). When they got back, the world was so messed up, that they had both won and lost simultaneously.


This caused a strange interference in time, and now criminals popped up everywhere.

George is currently being mugged and has 5 posts to do something about it.


(anyone get the small reference? of course not. I hide things like this all the time. If I’m not referencing Gamefreak I’m probably referencing Wes Anderson or blockheads or something)


Georgie snow sells expired lemonade


The FDA finds out about this and works to shut down his business.


George decided to head back to the island where he first met Wilson.


Edgar rises from the ground and notices George.


Edgar attempts to murder George but fails.