The History of George's Lemonade Stand


So George decides to build a factory.


Then the factory collapses


So George builds another one.


Then it gets bombed.

You should know where this is going wumbo.


George gets angry at the gods.


The gods strike George down with lightning killing him >:]

…George revives himself…


The revival causes rips in the fabrics of space and time, thus causing a lot of strange things happening. More and more criminals are rising because of this.

The government is starting to collapse.




George’s inability to die leads to him making bad decisions, having a 200 year sentence.


George has apparently been in a coma since August.


Wow. This escalated quickly. Let this be a lesson to kids everywhere! Do not open lemonade stands!


George wakes up to find a criminal-dominated world. His hospital is in ruins, and there are no workers.

He got up from his bed (bringing along those pesky needles, he will attend to them later) and looked outside his window, appalled at the sight. Riots everywhere, buildings on fire, and dead policemen. Everyone was killing one another, and using molotov’s to set buildings on fire.

His hospital was torn down, his life supporting machine being one of the few left on.


He finds a portal to a parallel universe that sends him to eternal peace.

Idk what you thought that was, but its actually peace. Not that he is dead.


The rioters follow him through the portal.


The rioters ruin the peace, so George starts throwing toast at them


George seems to recognize one of the rioters. It’s Edgar, and he’s running right towards George, his arms open for a hug!


George accepts the hug, then throws edgar into an everlasting marshmallow pit of doom!


Edgar gets out of the pit alive, but he thinks George pushed him on accident.


Then George trips over a sword :crossed_swords:️ and falls into the pit himself!


Edgar grabs him before he can fall into the pit.