The History of George's Lemonade Stand


By grabbing George, Edgar falls into the other pit, the one filled with molten chocolate


George pulls Edgar up.


Then George and Edgar go back to the regular world and go into buisness together. They make a coffee shop


Coffee shop fails, they go back to lemonade.


Lemonade fails, they go back to coffee.


A pardon starts to happen, which causes time to get off its regular pattern. making time long.

George and Edgar go back to lemonade, but the day is now 56 hours long.

They eventually go to coffee, time in a day being 64, at a rate of y = 8x + 24.

x = When George and Edgar change between coffee/lemonade

x currently is 5.


George’s lemon stand blows up


George is tired of everything and now just sells plain old water.


Then, suddenly and out of nowhere, a portal appears!


The one and only MajicDave comes out of the portal!

He says that if George wants to succeed in his lemonade business, he must find milla. She will give him advice.


George decides that he doesn’t need advice, so he walks away.


A hacker comes into the world and starts destroying the world!


Okay, so what should George do

  • Fight the hacker
  • Help the hacker
  • Ignore it and move on

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George fights off the hacker, with the help of milla and her hammer of cloudban!


The hacker doesn’t seem to be affected. He banishes both of them to the underworld.


Milla and george are sent into cages that will be dunked in lava to begin the process of infinite death

And somehow the cloud ban hammer gets into the wrong hands.


The lava doesn’t do anything, because it isn’t really lava but just a barrier (like tbh). George and Milla find a way to break out.


A person named Landon catches milla and George and sends them back repeating the cycle over and over again as this just gets unfair.


MajicDave, the one and almighty, helps milla and George.

George’s son has the cloudban hammer!


George, milla, Dave, and his son get sent to the deepest depth of the underworld where it is so dark you can’t even see anything.

Then a sudden rickrollback happens restoring George to the first day of the job but corrupting milla and Dave.