The iPhone 12: iPhone 5 remixed

I know that we are supposed to limit the amount of tech posts, but is anyone else disappointed about the iPhone 12 reveal?
I was excited about the iPhone 12 all year... but then Apple gives us an upgraded iPhone 5 that's trying (and failing) to be cool. It's basically a 5 with a fancy camera. And it doesn't even come with headphones or a charger...
What's your opinion on it?

I think it looks lit :slight_smile:

Really? Everybody I’ve seen online seems excited about the design change.

Yeah, maybe if you exclude a bunch of other factors. :wink:

There’s a good chance you already have a pair of headphones and a charge brick at home.


I like the iPhone 12 mini not the max and pro I kinda hate the 3 cameras lol they look weird

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Not really. It has way more features than an iPhone 5. It has 5G which was the biggest thing at the event.

As Wumbo said, lthere are chances you have a charger” It was made to shave down the price, and to cut down on waste. Some people throw out their headphones that came with the phone. You can also order the plug and the phone do it won’t be a big deal.

I do like the “new” style though. It’s basically iPhone 5 meets iPhone 11.

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I personally think the 5 is the best designed smartphone of all time, I never liked when they switched to the rounded design. All they need to do in my book it get rid of the notch and they have a perfect smartphone.

Maybe read a bit more about it. It may resemble the 5/5S, but it is a different beast.

Here it is against the last 5-style phone, which is the earliest you can compare it to on the Apple site, and the eight, which was a great step up from previous phones.

I like the rounded design. Square edges give me dem 2012 vibes.

I didn’t think of that. I guess apple users already have a charger and a pair of headphones, yeah. But what about new users who are switching to apple and don’t have a charger? During isolation the post has slowed down enough and it takes about 4-6 weeks on average before I get anything delivered.

Don’t get me wrong, 5G is great, but there are plently of other phones by different brands etc. That already have 5G and don’t look like they came from 2012.

The charging cable will still be there, you just won’t get the wall adapter I believe.

Okay. Wall adapters are easy enough to find.

I like the 13

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Are you a time traveler? :laughing:

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Order the charger while you’re at the Apple website. You can also get third party chargers which work just as well.


At least they cared enough to take waste into consideration.

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Lol my phone is the original IPhone 5 so I’m cool now :joy:

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If I’m not mistaken there will be a discount if you bundle buy the iPhone and charger.

Personally I like the new design, it let me reminisce about the iPhone 5 and iPad Pro.

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Uhhh those colours on the iPhone 12 is not that pleasing, especially (PRODUCT)RED and blue…
The iPhone 12 PRO looks stunning tho.

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