The Largest Vein

What is the biggest vein you’ve found in The Blockheads? It can be any mineral, like flint, copper, etc. I’ll start:


It contains 12 blocks of tin ore and 4 blocks of copper ore!


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Castle Builder

Yeah I too think that castle has the largest vein. It would have been a lot better if it was some sort of labyrinth. :o

Holy moly that would be big time with diamond pick Joe

Joe! How did you find that?!

Check this out…
And I have a Diamond Pick Axe so over 400 gold nuggets coming my way…

DaMan, that’s a nice vein you have there!

Yep, 216 blocks. :cool: as a strip-miner, I’ve found that 300 blocks or so (using a diamond pickaxe) seems to be about average for a world.

My BH started very close to the Western equator, and I was on a quest to get the Sunrise hat of Fullness. You could see the top of the vein from the surface ( the top torch in the pic is JUST under the surface.

Once found a couple thousand marble vein in a cave. Was kinda a newbie then and didn’t take a picture of it lol. Wish I should’ve though. But this is the biggest vein of all natural red marble I found way back then.


Theres more in the darkness.

Hundreds and hundreds of one… It is…


this is a singular vein
and this has multiple veins all mixed together

Most of the ores in the mixed vein you can’t see in the photo

I have so much basic ore that I completely ignore these. I only look for large gold veins now.

Cool see this

10 copper this was on my friends game

It won’t win any awards for the largest vein, but I’ll take it:


The largest veins I found while on my trip around the world.

Two words: HOLY **** MAN!! How in the world did you find that O.O

Got a pretty sweet one here.