The last one: scorpions


So… I hate to say it but my vacation is ending. This might be my last post till summer.
But on with the topic
So I’ve been crazy into breeding and spawning and stuff, and ive gotten everything tamed and on my way to a fuel dodo and a unicorn, but I cannot find a way to spawn scorpions. I’ve tried spamming lots of cacti, but it spawns none. DO I need more heat? Would campfires work? Or the equator? It can you simply not spawn them?


Depending on where you are, you might need more heat. Chances are it’s just the age of the cacti though. There needs to be a cactus at least 20 days old for them to spawn.


Make sure you try to produce them in hot places, I recommend using compost instead of any other block.
Maybe it’s the backwall tho.


Are you planting the cacti in a desert?


I am planting the cacti by my house, which is somewhere around the east equator.