The “List the ANNOYING THINGS siblings do” game

Siblings can be just so annoying (REEEEEE-sorry just had a annoying sibling moment). Anyways this is your be-free-to-tell your annoying moments with your siblings. I’ll start:

“When your sibling suddenly decides that she wants to play “Sofia the First” (cringes-really hard) And they’re like 10 years more above the recommended watching age. And then you tell them to stop…and they CONTINUE…AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Hit me
Yell at me
Sleep on my legs when I wanna get up
Tell me they hate me after I save their life

To name a few…

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Forgot a few

Punch me
Jump on me
Try and take my phone
Try and take my candy
Take my stuff in general

And my parents wonder why I can’t wait to be an adult…

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Wow. My brother held a chainsaw to my face while I was sleeping. Then continued to turn it on to wake me up