The luckiest find EVER (you HAVE TO see this!)



Red circle = cave troll

This was all on the same world.


That titanium u got dere?






What’s the loot inside the golden chests?


@GoodGradesBoy Some rainbow essence and some coins.

@EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ That’s platinum.


A ruby adjacent to a Diamond and 3 cave trolls? Good.


Torches, treasure, trade portal and a tameable rare tameable creature. What more can you ask for in a rare find?


Oh which is rarer titanium or platinum?


I think they’re about neck and neck in rarity, but since titanium is extremely valuable, I think titanium is likely rarer


This is older, but still one of my greatest finds ever.


Luccier than my find 1 year ago


Wow! That’s an amazing find


dats alota munies

yes this is a sentence