The madness of a Sentient Fungal Mass (or, Testif’s build collection)


So of course, when one builds a lot, it is common practice to take every chance possible to screenshot your precious creations. I can’t say that I’m terribly great at building(In fact, most of my builds are just marginally fancy cubes), but I’ll pester you with them anyway.

Thanks to a poll and thread I put up a while ago, I know that about 3/5 of you are interested in seeing my builds progress (or regress, as the case may be) through time.

(Quick warning, I have sorted each one into a spoiler for future convenience, as most contain a story of some kind, which would take a while to scroll through, sorry if this counts as abuse of the feature)

Without further ado, have fun exploring!

Collection 1- Noob builds, a foray into my first days of Blockheads. Note that these are basic reconstructions, as the ignorance present in the actual works has been lost for ages.

Noob builds 1-The hobbit hole

The hobbit hole, as I have newly named it, was a simple vaguely dome-like shape made of dirt. Was literally an equivalent to a hole-in-the-ground, just not in the ground.
Reconstructed on: Horse Power, by Countrygal

Noob builds 2-The tower of... Art

I’m actually not sure if the hobbit hole or the tower came first, but here is the second variant on awful housing choices. While this is just a basic sample, I remember the actual tower, while similar in design, contained many more materials and was a fair bit larger. More variants on this were made, including a fusion between it and The Rift.
Reconstructed on: Horse Power, by Countrygal

Noob builds 3-The Rift

(No image available, sorry.)
The Rift… Is a complicated build to explain. It was the first in a long-ish line of mono-material, oddly constructed towers. In this case, the shape it took was that of a double helix, made of bricks. A lot of bricks. •-•

Collection 2- The Renaissance, an exploration of my marginally newer builds, created in a period I refer to as my personal Renaissance. This is when I re-joined Blockheads after four years, and my building skills decently improved but still needed work.

Renaissance I, the Cerebrellum

The Cerebrellum was the very first of these rebirth builds. Think of it as the catalyst of everything (literally, as you’ll soon find out) Built of red marble onto a steel floor, it was my pride and joy at the time (and still kind of is). The owner of the server it was built on adminned me a while later, and I built a few more things, slowly reaching 2020, and so on. The interior is a small maze linked by steps and elevators, it even has a few passageways that are semi-secret.
Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

Renaissance II- La Grand Dedede

Contrary to reasonable belief, this creation was not a piece of pixel art, but a hotel named after the owner of the server. Really, it required little actual skill, but I stil smile fondly at it nonetheless. The structure is built primarily from marble, with a basic lobby and check-in, then 100+ rooms in total, split down the side by a large pillar of lapis. The roof of the build is crested with a dimly-lit marble-and-gold sign reading HOTEL. (boy was placing and naming those signs hard!)
Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

Renaissance III-Unds V

Eventually, I heard of 2020, a server by the forums user Gaareth. For some reason, I thought I was conducting industrial espionnage (no clue why), and so changed my username from the classic Testificatering to 2TheUnds. After travelling for sometime, I got a plot and made this ugly little marble igloo with a satellite above. I destroyed it some time after and replaced it with the Unds V, where I established a building corporation (that immediately failed for lack of customers or presence of potential ones). For the overall build, I’d say I only
Built on: 2020, by Gaareth

Renaissance IV-The Circuit

This was a bit of a hidden base I did. Not that bad, all things considered. Essentially consists of steel and cyberpunky paint, with quite a few subdivided storage rooms. Gained its name by apparently looking a bit like a microchip.

Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by Kind Dedede :smiley:

Collection 3-Modernity
Pretty much just builds completed after extensive exposure to the forums, I’ll keep adding to this one as I go along.

Modernity 1-Testifican Farms (Phase I)

Just Testifica’s farms in their earliest completed state. More detail on them can be found here and a bit throughout the forums.

Built on: Survival of Time, by PorkyTheChop

Modernity 2-Mountaintop basalt castle

A project that took longer than it should have, consists of a basalt frame filled in with other blocks.

Built on: Starlight Lands, by OSHAOSHAWOT

Modernity 3-Desolate Isle and Tulip Megacentre

After coming in to a generous donation of many tulip bulbs and seeds, (thanks @kapaciarz!)I started building somewhere to store them. I first started with terraforming an island and placing two marble towers. This approach proved unsatisfactory in containing the stupendous power of Granny’s Sweater and so I built a massive cube capable of housing a decent amount of tulips instead. Though I’m not sure if the server will be funded after the Great 1.7 Expiry, so I should probably start moving them again. •-•

Built on: Horse Power, by CountryGal

Modernity 4-Another hotel

Just a huge small improvement on a hotel that had existed beforehand on Starlight Lands. Just modified the rooms and structure in general, then added a garden on top. All in all, not my typical style of overly ginormous builds.

Built on: Starlight Lands, by OSHAOSHAWOT

Modernity 5-My first (completed) pixel art (Christmas 2017?)

A little pixel art of something I had planned to draw (a sprite-ish character drunk on hot chocolate for Christmas) but never got around to. Made almost entirely of painted marble, though the dome and snowflakes are glass.

Built on: Pixmilla, by Milla

Modernity 6-Milla’s Message Hall

Planned for it to be a massive bunker-themed area, eventually gave up and just built a palace of dirt for milla, where people could leave their spawn messages. While made of dirt, it’s painted so that the intitial structure looks made of a blue-grey stone, and the domes like aged copper topped with golden tulip gardens.

Built on: Pixmilla, by Milla

Modernity 7-Valentine’s Day 2018 (Unihorse)

Here I desperately wanted to be a part of something. Made a quick modified sketch of a bit of a preexisting character, then slowly built them in-game. More info on the building process exists here
Built on: Unihorse, by Unihorse

Modernity 8-Addition to M6 (Pixmilla appreciation plaque)

When Pixmilla was first opened to the members of the forums, I randomly built a long wall of marble that was painted (I believe) to read: “Thx for everything Milla, ur the best!”

This is just a recreation of that, but with diamond backwall and ruby blocks.

Built on: Pixmilla, by milla

Well that’s it. I’ll add more as time passes, please make sure to tell me if there are any mistakes, as much of this was made in odd segments, some of which occasionally mismatched.

Works in progress: Everything in Testifica, Cosmosis statue on Pixmilla.


Extra collections, enjoy!:

Extra collection 1- The slightly shadowy ages
This is mostly for builds I find terribly ugly. These are not deemed bad enough to be filed into the “Noob Days” category, as they were built after that, when my skills should have been much better.

SSA 1-2TheUnds Building Association (HQ)

As you may have noticed from the Unds V paragraph, I talked about founding a building association. Eventually (like, less than a week later), I decided to build a bit of a headquarters, where all the employees of the Association would gather and do their jobs and whatnot (I was terribly ambitious). In this case, my poor understanding of spheres continued, making an odd-looking Cerebrellum-like rip-off. I pretty much just crammed this full of signs and benches, and not much else.

Built on: 2020, by Gaareth

SSA 2-The Prism

I cannot say I’m entirely sure why I built this one. I think I was just boating and thought it would be nice. The structure is made out of brick, and the failed beam of light from marble, gold, and steel. I’m thinking it was indeed a nice place to build a lighthouse, but could’ve been executed better.

Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

SSA 3-Emerald Isle

Pretty much the first (and really only) gem tree covering I’ve made. It’s not necessarily terrible, but it’s not that great either. •-•
Pretty excessive too.

Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

SSA 4-halfway decent empty mansion

(no picture as of yet)
Through 2020, I found Starlight Gardens by Miss Wish. I traveled quite a bit to the left, and snagged a large island plot. Then I did what any sensible noob would do and built an atrocious cube of marble. Later, I dug down a bit more and made a bright yellow basement of gold. •-• I ask that no active staff on this server EVER seek out this build, mostly for the awful dome on top. It deserves to die an awful, forgotten death. As you can see with the Noob Builds, it won’t, but it deserves to.
Built on: Starlight Gardens, by Miss Wish

SSA 5-Dedede’s Mining Station

So… This laid underneath a failed mall between two trash chutes. Possibly the worst build within the Slightly Shadowy Ages(which, I just realised, being a parody of the Dark Ages, should have come before the Renaissance, and not during •-•).

Built on: Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

SSA 6-Another hotel, again?

(no image, sorry)
This is one was built on the revived Dedede’s Kingdom. For some reason, my building had become really rusty, and it was just plain awful, floating hot tub that looked like a smile, glitching elevators and signs, misplaced decorations… It was a bit of a train wreck. I’m afraid there isn’t a picture because I actually forgot about this and therefore didn’t dive back in when I was randomly going through servers on the spinner and any I could remember while looking for past builds.

Built on: Dedede’s Kingdom by King Dedede :smiley:

Extra collection 2- The scaffolds
This is the remaining category for anything which never will be completed.

Scaffolds 1-Omega Clan Base

(Sorry, classified)
A large structure built [data expunged] in order to properly hide from the madness [data expunged]. Entirely built from [data expunged], as it is the most plentiful ressource in the area. Unfortunately, neither it nor its [data expunged] ever reached completion. Researching this again hit me with a massive wave of nostalgia.

Rests incomplete on: Valkyrie, by Gaareth

Scaffolds 2-Temple of the Order of Test

Here was an odd one. I started it as a marker for one of the poles (I think North), but gave up for two reasons:

a) Principal building material was steel, bad choice in hindsight.

b)Freezing (this could have been salvaged if I had bothered to use the Hat of Warmth, but I remained ignorant to its abilities)

Rests incomplete on Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

Scaffolds 3-The Plug

While building a worldwide railroad, I ran across a lake. Me being my noobish self, I drained it all. with buckets. After that, I was left with the dilemma of what to do with a giant empty space. My thoughts geared towards a bit of a shanty town resting on the foundations of a temple, though as you can see, I never got around to it. Primarily constructed from marble and glass, with a vaguely decent garden towards the bottom. Kind of relies on the theme of Atlas holding it up.

Rests incomplete on Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:

Scaffolds 4-Dedede’s Mega Mall

So of course, another large structure. In this case, I believe the owner was trying to figure out what to do beneath spawn. Eventually, I started clearing space between the two trash chutes and came up with this steel monstrosity. Overall, definitely not a nice looking mall, and I had little idea how shops and stuff worked so the floors are a mess of protection signs, signs, and shops. Needless to say, never actually completed (or used, for that matter).

Rests incomplete on Dedede’s Empire, by King Dedede :smiley:


Looks amazing!


Thanks! Sorry for everything being broken though, I guess typing it out in Notes screwed up the code in the spoilers and images.


Hehehe, you better not tell them the base location! :laughing:


Yes… We shall simply bide our time, eventually [data expunged] through the soft [data expunged] in order to unleash [data expunged] upon the [data expunged], forcing all residing there to flee in terror. [insert maniacal emoji]

Sidenote: I’ve finally fixed everything I accidentally broke!


Recent things:

Testifica updates

Nothing new except minor renovations to the dome bridge areas, and the completion of the upper sections of the city (at least in terms of infrastructure). Probably not anything new on this at any time in the future, as SoT is now out of credit.

Lays unfinished on: Survival of Time by 4U3I

Pixmilla appreciation plaque

When Pixmilla was first opened to the members of the forums, I randomly built a long wall of marble that was painted (I believe) to read: “Thx for everything Milla, ur the best!”

This is just a recreation of that, but with diamond backwall and ruby blocks.

Built on: Pixmilla by milla


Ask someone to protect that wall!


Newer one or older one? ‘Cause the older one was erased due to a rollback.


The one you currently made.