"The Master Piece" for Dave!


I would like to present to @majicDave, and the forums: “The Master Piece” for Dave!

I was originally going to present this creation for “The Blockheads” birthday, then I realized that I needed a quicker date , so I went to @majicDave’s birthday; but I was itching really bad to release it before, the designated time, so here it is: :wink:

PIXEL ARTIST: @I-Love-Creation


Special Thanks to @Caronhere :supplying the paints for the project!
Special Thanks to @Beatrice9812 :doing the research!

Thanks to @zitro , @loganisgreat , @Countrygal27 , @Pokehgs , @WumboJumbo , @INeedPieUndercover :for doing odds and ends!

And for a player who doesn’t go on forums:
Thank you ( DGPG ) for being there, and supplying the energy to make this creation! :blush:

Enjoy this creation in person at: "J.T.R. Masters"
Also there are doors that go through the whole length of the “Master Piece”—while over worked I would fly through them for fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(The letters look really cool when layered with snow…but I wasn’t able to capture it when posting these on forums)—feel free to share the awesome picture…if the are able to get the right moment!

(The “Master Piece”: 11,200 blocks not including the letters.)

A change to server credit in 1.7
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A true master piece. Very detailed and exquisite. Majical and awesome!
Wow…I’m speechless.
I just would like to thank everyone who participated and helped even if I wasn’t there. What a beauty…
I hope Dave sees this!


Wow! I’m honored :blush:


I was a worker
Didn’t do much art though
Did a little bit tho


Wow! Now it just needs to be pictured next to @thuthu’s picture of Milla!

Great job!

Perfect work

Awe thx @I-Love-Creation :smiley: I didn’t really do that much but thank u for including me that was really nice of u​:blush:


Wow!!! That is awesome! I can imagine you spent quite a bit of time on that :slight_smile:


Daaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggggg!!! Who knew anyone could be so awesomely artistic to make such an awesome master piece!!! :grinning:


Thanks @I-Love-Creation for including my name.
I really didn’t help out much though.


This project started within March—roughly around the 27th of March.
And has been done for a couple of days!

Directions will be given to the site…
Stayed tuned! :wink:

Again I wish the best to “The Blockheads” :blush:


You did a GREAT task there @I-Love-Creation… you and your friends are a marvel… I’m so glad you didn’t fizz out and not complete it… I too would be posting it NOW, unable to hold back for Dave’s or The Blockheads birthday…

Top Job!! What’s next!?? he he he


IT LOOKS SO REALISTIC!!! Did you ever mess up and had to do a part over again? Just wondering, because I know that would happen to me all the time if I tried. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here Alexandra… When I joined to help out, I was like 'WHOA!! I’lll stuff up somewhere here" so I left ILJ & other’s to do the pixel art side & I just cleared some islands and made paint LOL Which btw is still an ongoing s.l.o.w process… I’ll get there, eventually.


Wow!!! What an awesome and inspiring project, and you guys saw it through to the end!! A true masterpiece indeed!!!


This is actually BREATHTAKING!!! Oml :dead:


clap, clap, clap, clap,clap

Very cool! I love it, and what’s best of it, is that that thing is HUGE, and impressive.

Wow, good job @I-Love-Creation. :slight_smile:


Next project:
Completely destroy a 1/16 world and make a pixel art covering up every single block in the world. :smiley:


I never imagined my arch nemesis Milla looked like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes @Alexandra_Inglorien there actually was a mistake, which was mind boggling to me!—people may say my OCD was kicking in! :wink:

But in order for it not to be noticeable, I would of had to re-layer about 210 doors…not including the actually blocks–in the process----for those who haven’t used doors: if you mine a door in the center of (lets say 100) then you would have to remove the existing doors either to the right or the left…in order to place the mined door!

So the point of all of what I said up above is that, in order to fix the foreseen problem, I would have either needed to stop the project, or have to redo all the work, as I mentioned above.

I was disappointed, but I didn’t want to redo all the work, (as mentioned): so I stopped it as it is! :wink:

Hmm @Caronhere you have me bordering the idea of making another project :yum:
Although it may take me a couple decades to think of one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also @Caronhere thanks a million, and to let you know, you don’t have to continue making those paints, I think I’ve had my fill for pixel art :wink:
But if I need an expert paint-producer…again!—you may hear me calling your name! :wink:

Thanks everyone for being encouraging!


Thanks man I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this, and feel honored to be included in the credits :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

More than just a picture of @majicDave ,
this is the fruit of intense dedication,
started by the seed of your own imagination,
Our dreams will never fade,
I’m glad to be a friend of @I-Love-Creation