"The Master Piece" for Dave!


That’s the most likes I’ve ever seen in my life! :open_mouth:


It’s wonderful that the project is finally finished! I do hope that it will inspire future pixel artists to make their own massive pixel art creations. This project has definitely made me appreciate the feeling of a job well done! Good work everyone! :smiley:


Seriously impressive work. Both @I-Love-Creation and @Thuthu, that is. I blushed when I saw Thuthu’s, and now Dave has one too :smiley:


Howdy. I am amazed at this wonderful piece of art. I seriously hope to seeeee more of these. Great job. :smiley:


I’m just trying to imagine all the hard work put into this. It’s huge!


What. the. heck.
Words simply cannot express how incredibly AMAZING that is. That-

No, my words still can’t describe it.
Ok, fine, I’ll try.
It’s amazing, incredulous, spectacular, awesome, phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, wondrous, stunning, marvelous, mind-boggling, magnificent, striking, gorgeous, mind-striking, jaw-dropping, enchanting, ravishing, unthinkable, shattering, and uniquely unpredictable at the same time.

No, that’s still not enough.
Honestly, I cannot express how much talent you have. I use to say that talent didn’t exist because talent was simply an illusion of skill, practice, and hard work. You have changed my perspective.

Alas, words are too small, and too meaningless to describe your amazing work of art. I can’t possibly imagine how much time and blocks that has taken… Incredible. Sorry, I keep saying it. Probably repeating a lot of words. That happens a lot when I’m amazed.

I’ll leave it at that, but just remember, @I-Love-Creation, that for many days I will still have this amazement inside. You are blessed. Incredible.


Someone sticky this.


Am I the only one who hasn’t seen milla or Dave’s faces other than the pixel version?
Great job @I-Love-Creation!!!


Wow and I thought I was good at pixel art! That’s really amazing!:grin:

  1. What font is the lettering? It’s really nice.
  2. How did you plan this out?
  3. How Long did you take to do this?


Hmm @kaypoppy good questions!

  1. For the font of the letters: I have no idea, I believe cursive is its more exact reference; I can give it.

  2. To plan this out: Umm maybe took a couple of weeks; due to, what the project was going to look like; to set everything up, for a smooth process, and so for. (The plan out originally started in this thread: A call for Pixel art Masters—a couple posts down, you can see that I issued an idea I had…vaguely. Then further I made a thread for the specific idea!: The Biggest Pixel art Master Piece for Dave!)

  3. So it started some time in March–maybe around 20-27; and ended near the beginning of June! So at max: one and a half months!

I hope these answered you questions!

Also directions to the site are coming soon!—for a first person view! :wink:


Directions to “Master Piece”
(view as soon as you can)—due to certain circumstances :confused:

  1. Go to your left to the first group of solar panels you reach (which is only maybe 20 blocks to the left)

  2. Then go down, to a handrail track (and there will be a sign directing you to “Dave”)

  3. Just follow the handrail to your left

  4. When you enter a tunnel, you will eventually stop–due to the lack of rails… At that point, go up the elevators…then left on a long straight handcart track

Have fun!

(If you fail to understand these directions, feel free to ask for help!)

I hope you enjoy this “Site” as much as I have! :wink:


I just popped in for a quick visit. Nice job everyone! For those who haven’t visited yet, you should do so. I wonder how many of you can make it all the way on the handrail track without falling! I fell a few times…oh well!


I got forums yesterday:D


Hehe I tried adding your @ but I reached the max number of 10 :sweat_smile:
And welcome! :wink:


There’s a max # of @s that you can use? Huh.


Man, there should be unlimited!
But back on topic, how many blocks were used? Including letters


Ok so I probably made mistakes counting the letters but it was around 867 blocks!

So altogether around 12,067 blocks (including the letters) @Superfalcon123!

Hope this helped! :wink:





This here showes here what is possible in tbh


That’s amazing, I hope you can do more art like that!