THE MATRIXTEAM server closing: Goodbye


Exactly ten minutes from me posting this, my first (and only) server, THE MATRIXTEAM, will be shutting down. I do not plan on adding any more world credit, and I ask that anyone who played on the server doesn’t either. I had a lot of fun while it lasted, and even with the issues (like those darned hackers) I wold say it was totally worth the $40 I had spent on it. It’s sad to see it go, but all good things end eventually. I had made the server on the 16th of June last year, and to see it didn’t even survive one year is very sad.

Here are some photos I took just within the last hour of the server being online

Don’t expect to see me on these forums ever again, and may I wish you a good time after.
EDIT: Feel Free to copy any build you want here, it’s not like I can access them anyway


Wow, it’s so sad to see something that you love go away. But why are you not adding credit?


Because, it’s a dead server. All servers die at some point. :frowning:


You can post it on forums, etc tho
I probably totally play it.


I have other more important things to spend my money on, and yes, it is kinda dead. For the last 2 months nobody was on at all. Also, I have more responsibilities and things to do now than I did in 2017, much less time to play this game


Aww…so sad to see all the servers going… the good with the bad :cry:


Goodbye, @TheMatrixster!


Sad. Well the old must make way for the new.


I thought the “Goodbye” in ice at the end was a eeally nice touch.


That’s exactly how I feel with my server. I get it.


@TheMatrixster, Made your post title more descriptive and moved to Multiplayer category.

Sorry to hear that you are closing your server. Looks like it was a lot of fun while it lasted.


I should have clarified this better. I’m not leaving, I’m just not gonna be in multiplayer places anymore. I may come back to it once there is more interest, or when I can get a Mac
Whichever comes first